Congratulations Will Campbell

Picked up some reading material for the beach this holiday. One of them was GREAT GARAGE MAKEOVERS. In chapter 10 on Man Caves & Garage Nuts it was titled Planning Pays Dividends. It is an article on Will's super nice garage. If you want a good piece of reading pick up an issue at your news stand. It has some great articles on remodeling or starting a great garage. It just happens to have his SLC on display as well as a great garage. The magazine is an offshoot of
Once again, congratulation Will


Will Campbell

GT40s Supporter
Thanks Bill- I was as surprised as you to learn of it. The magazine editors had done a feature on my garage a few years ago, and I guess they decided to re-use it again for 2013!

I wish there were a way to post a link, but I don't think it is on their web site yet.