Damaged kit car

I've just been forwarded this by bring a trailer, Link

Any idea which kit this is? looks like the engine and transaxle will be fine, and there are a lot of parts that will be perfect for the right buyer.
As I recall it is an RF. I was considering this car when it was for sale by a gentleman in the Boston area. Shame to see it with such damage now. No doubt a good project if it can be bought right!

At a minimum it will need a front clip, (2,500 for just fiberglass), suspension front and rear (probably frame and control arms need replacement), (wheels/axles),and quite possibly transmission looking at how hard the hit was to the rear...........

If one could do all the work and was willing to completely strip the car down and rebuild it, its probably worth 10-15k. It will still have a salvage title and not be worth much on resale. (but a cost-effective route to ownership if you really want it) Scott
A friend also sent me this link. It does appear to be an RF, based on the front clip badge and what IO can see of the trailing arms. It'll be interesting to see what this sells for.

Howard Jones

I personally think that it looks like a easy fix as long as the spider is OK. Once the front and rear clips are off most of the rest looks like a cv joint and some suspension pieces that a good cheapskate could make themselves or buy for a few dollars. The uprights and hubs are corvette I bet and could be replaced with CAV or even GTD parts if you couldn't find RF pieces. But I bet you can get them all over or even down under if necessary. The links are just tubing with rod ends in them and easy to make.

The expensive pieces are the windshield, wheels and likely a radiator and paint. I think I see a caliper piece on the floor but I bet its corvette or wilwood and again easy to source and cheap.

The gearbox is more than likely a Audi, lots of them and cheap if its hurt. The entire rear appears fixable as is the door and center section.

I say this just looking at a few pictures but if I was in the area and looking for a project I would be looking at this for under $10K. Somebody who can do the work himself could come away with a nice car for half of what it would be worth if in undamaged condition.

Somebody wanting something to do and a little money should have a look and jump on it for the right price.
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I called on this one. The people in charge of the auction told me that the monocoque "doesn't look damaged but I can't tell for sure". That's a red flag to me. They also said the car was from an Austrailian manufacturer. Evidently you need a broker to purchase it on your behalf.