Dry Sump Oil Reservoir issue

I'm trying to find literature on how to calculate oil volume for a dry sump oil tank, but haven't had any luck. Does anyone know how to
1. Calculate overall oil volume of the tank
2. Have any published technical papers/literature on this calculation so I can correctly cite my source?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oil level in tank with engine running should be about 2/3 of tank height, design, position & other factors can change that. Tank capacity can be worked out if you measure dia & height.... same as a cylinder volume .
Some of the motorsport parts suppliers have some information on items such as this in their catalogues

Example here


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Thanks for the replies, this is some helpful info. I might have worded my post poorly:
I need to decide upon a dry sump tank for my car, and was wondering how to calculate the correct volume of tank to optimize that for my cars application. I've called several companies and looked through countless technical papers but there doesn't seem to be much literature on this topic. I'm curious if there is a calculation based on drive time and oil usage rate (or other factors if necessary) to decide on a optimal oil volume for my car.
Corvette LS engines with dry sump use a 2 gallon tank unsupercharged and a 2.5 gallon tank supercharged. This may give you a ballpark figure.
My GTD version


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That is similar to the way I did it when I was building my Homebuilt 10 years ago. I did not use a dry sump but thought it wise to put one in at that point in case I changed my mind in the future.


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