Early planning options on transaxle

I appreciate all the opinions pros&cons thank you. Seams like it’s a roll of the dice situation lol. I will Certainly look into some of the transaxles mentioned. This would be my first transaxle car so I’m not sure what to expect.
So as i was searching transaxles last night i happen to find a brand new old stock ZF gt40 transaxle for sale. Guy is asking 29k lol that is just insane.


A Porsche G50 is a very practical choice for the following reasons:

1. Universally available.
2. Parts are easily obtainable.
3. Cost is not unreasonable.
4. Upgrade parts are available.
5. Wide choice of gear sets.
6. Handles good amount of torque.
7. Adapters, clutches, & flywheels are available for many engines.

One thing I think is frequently overlooked in the rush toward ever-increasing amount of horsepower in GT40s and other mid-engine cars is the detrimental effect of vehicle weight. By reducing weight, you've done the same thing for performance as adding horsepower---except that you've now reduced the stress on the transaxle, CV joints, axles, clutch, and stub axles. Yes, you may need to sacrifice a nice stereo system or other amenities but if track performance was your goal you wouldn't use those anyway. I learned a long time ago that one cannot arrive at an acceptable compromise with a "dual-purpose" car. The inevitable result is a race car with marginal performance that is not pleasant to drive on the street. Of course, some are willing to put up with these results and I say, if you are happy with what you have, that's fine. We all make choices.
Horse power addiction is quite like opiates.Feels great at first but soon you build up a tolerance and need more and more and more and more and more. And more.
So true. Some of my weekend cars range from 700-1600hp and it might aswell be 200 lol
How’s the g96/01. what flywheel&clutch is used,are the custom or For make of motor or the transaxle?

Jim Rosenthal

FWIW, these cars typically weigh about a ton and since they are mid-engine, most of the driveline weight is right on the rear wheels. Gulf/Wyer won LeMans with about 450 hp minus drivetrain losses. Those cars would go over 200 mph.

On both my KMS Cobra and my GT40, I kept things to 350-400 hp, figuring that at my age and level of driving skill, I did not want to get either car instantly sideways. And what happened the first time I drove the Cobra?

I got it sideways.

Let this be a lesson to all you young bucks. LOL
early planning of build and curious as to what are the mostly used transaxle for the gt40? my engine would most likely be s 427 stacked. Ive searched and found good things on the 930 4speed as far as strength and durability. I spoke with fran a few weeks back and even he had mentioned it. Thoughts and/or other options. HP goal would be 600whp min.
What did you decide?
Which transaxle are you going with?

I’m getting ready to build a car with the same horsepower goals as you.
One guy you can talk to about transaxles is Brian Copans at BMC&Gee in Ohio. He builds Porsche Cup car transX (G96-96) and knows what he is doing. Assuming he has a suitable case/core in house, he can build it with parts to handle whatever you want to throw at it.
After alot of researching, I’m most likely going with the 996 trans. it can handle the hp & tq without breaking the wallet lol.