Electric GT40

Leaving aside the “should you, shouldn’t you” and “it’s sacrilege” arguments, has anybody attempted this or thinking about it?
Just inquisitive….


Ian Anderson

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Bill Mussarra DRB no 5 was contemplating it!

Damn how do I remember all this stuff?

If I knew before, yess for sure.
My restoration project had an engine with dropped liners so I had to find another engine. I also swapped my front fuel tank (KVA) for two custom made side pods.
After that I found a company that converts Citroën DS to electric with a choice of several motors. They even sell complete kits.
As I run a beefed up Citroën DS 5 speed transaxle it would have been a simple upgrade instead of finding an aother donor engine (scarce in Holland) and having side pod fuel tanks made for our chassis.

Mike Pass

Perhaps you could do it with the electrical system provided by Lucas, the Lord of Darkness and Smoke.That should burn even better than a Tesla!
I now have a diesel heater in the garage - it was getting too much to heat it by running the GT40 engine all day…….