Fat Larry's GTR Build


Your front brake line plumbing looks nice and neat but think about where the air bubbles in your brake fluid are going to migrate to. It will make bleeding your brakes more difficult.
I think instead of black paint, you should skin the sections with black carbon fiber. All of the black would be a high gloss CF :)
Sounds like a cool plan. It'll kind of be the negative of what I'm thinking. I'll be using the CF as main color with orange heritage paint scheme with some pin striping of gulf blue. Just enough to make the ones in the know to think Gulf and to others, just enough for color contrast. That is my plan, but the new office in real life is keeping things at a slow crawl on the car.
I have been at it for a while all of the brake lines are done the foot pedal assembly are in an the shifter and cables are done I just purchased a Tig Welder so now it's on to completing all of the welding. One thing I thought I would share is the tilt steering wheel I modified by moving the mounting location over one inch to the left and center the column and I added a 15 degree shim to allow the column to be more upright and use the tilt function with more up and down motion


Ok fellow builders of the GTR I need a lesson in setting up the RCR new shifter and Graz Trans so I have a smooth shifting pattern thru all the gears this is my first experience with a Graz Trans all my other cars were US breeds any help would be much appreciated
Paul just going back and welding up all of the exhaust and intake piping as of now as everyone knows sometimes life gets in the way of building
I got a private message asking for support for this site my first question is this for real and if so please post a tax ID number for all to see. Layout ways of support for the site.

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Ron has been explaining the issue for the past couple of weeks asking for ideas. There are two or three posts about it with this being one of the most recent. For the minor amount requested the valuable amount of information available here is worth many times that. If $50.00 is going to break the bank makes me question why someone would be building one of these cars.


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