Feedback: Considering VW R32 with DSG for SLC

I've owned a couple R32's over the years and love the cars. I plan on building an SLC next year and looking at using the VW engine (single turbo, 450rwhp) with DSG trans (set up for 2wd). Obvious question is whether the package will fit or not in the SLC. Any other pitfalls?

Thanks for the feedback.

Howard Jones

You could still use the v6VW, just set it up inline, and have kennedy made a adapter plate for it. I thought about the 1.8 5 valve motor Audi for a short time done this way. In the end it was just too much money to make 450 HP.

One of the 6 speed Porsche Gearboxs would work nicely behind a small high powered motor.

Fran Hall RCR

GT40s Sponsor
I have a W8 engine coming into the shop in a few weeks....dont know where to put it just yet but I do have some ideas...and it will not be getting modified dont tell me to twin turbo it...well not yet anyway...