Fitting new SGT Windows


Just taken delivery of my GTD40 and first project is to replace both the windows and the headlight covers.

I’ve bought the replacements from the very nice Mick and Carol from Southern GT, and looking for some help and advice as I tackle first project

Mick was kind enough to show me these fitted to his lovely GT40.

First surprise is that the window flaps are not an exact fit for the cut out in the main window. Mick tells me they are deliberately oversize and need to be trimmed to fit.

Anyone else been through this as would like to know if 1. Had everyone else had to trim the flaps to fit (was kinda expecting not to have to do this if I’m honest), and 2. Did folks use some thing like a fine grained flat sander?

Advice appreciated.


Hi Simon,
I used a belt sander when I fitted mine, as its easier to maintain a straight edge. I then hand finished them with a finer grade of wet/dry paper.
You'll soon find that most parts you get for these cars will need some form of final adjustment to fit!


GT40s Supporter
Hi Simon,

I didn't trust myself not to take to much off with a belt sander just did with a block and wet / dry paper, still managed to take a little bit to much off in one place.