Polycarbonate windows

Starting to plan out a GT-R build before I pull the trigger and wanted to know what peoples' experience has been with the poly windows and getting through the DMV. As I read the Nevada law, all the windows have to be DOT glass, has anyone else run into this as an issue or better, has anyone else gone through the process here in Vegas? I think the back window can be replaced (if needed) with a fiberglass panel, but the side windows may be a challenge. Are there any OEM glass windows that fit? Any other suggestions? Plenty more questions to come I'm sure.


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You might just leave the side windows OUT during the inspection? Just a thought...
Personally, I feel that Lexan is safer in side windows than is glass..
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Im in TX. I went with a glass windshield for inspection reasons. However, I have seen how the coated plastic windshields (from the manufacturer RCR uses) hold up. If/When I have to replace mine, I will switch. At this point, if I had to do it again, I'd leave all the glass out until my VIN was assigned, then use a friendly shop to do the inspection. Of course that may not work in NV.
Nevada is a mother ****er to get "modern" kits registered. If your car doesn't look like a Cobra replica, they will require airbags, etc. For example, they insisted that my RCR SLR (Razor) was an off-road dune buggy (never seen a dune buggy with 4" of ground clearance, but who knows???). Anyways, talk to Fran about optional registration options from another state (Montana). He can give you a few tips on how to do that.
There is a lot of info on the web about Montana registrations. It sounds to me like the legit insurance options with that are limited, but from what I understand Haverty and some of the other specialist companies are on board with the Montana avenue.

It solves emission issues as well (or at least circumvents them).
I hadn't thought of just leaving the side windows out (I tend to overthink most things). It's kind of crazy what we have to go through here considering there is no mechanical inspection for "regular" road cars I've literally seen a modern car with no front end body work, just headlights and turn signals attached to the core support, driving around.

Airbags is a new one to me...didn't find that in the regs. I know they are pretty tight on the emissions stuff, it is tested based on the engine block's year and all the smog equipment has to be there as well as passing the OBDII check.

I wonder if I have to jump through all the hoops if I just buy one already titled in another state...


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Kris, check the regs regarding an out of state car. I had my cobra registered and insured in NJ for 10+ years but in MA anything that isn't a production car (e.g. Kit, replica, street rod, etc.) must go through state trooper salvage inspection etc. They then give you a new VIN.


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A 'replica' doesn't need to be an exact copy or reproduction, if it were me I'd register the GT-R as a '66 GT40 replica, thereby circumventing the need for smog etc.

I have a Ferrari replica that looks an awful lot like an Ultima or is it vice-versa? :lipsrsealed:
I think leaving the side windows off will work for me, I re-read the form and it says they have to be safety glass if present, so I think I can just make them not present.

Justin - I think the airbags is a non issue, since it states that they have to be present and working if originally equipped by the manufacturer - I don't see RCR putting airbags in the kit, so I should be good.

Scott - I moved from MA a couple years ago. With the new emissions regs (must use original smog, driveline, gearing, etc) I'm not sure how anyone is able to reg an SLC, GTR, GTM or anything like it.

Julian - I thought the emissions lab bases it on the year of the engine case??? Does your Ferrari replica have a modern engine?

Thanks for all the responses, looking forward to building something insane. I'm putting a TT 505 in my 69 GTO (I may be a bit insane with my cars), so I have to finish that one first.


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Julian - I thought the emissions lab bases it on the year of the engine case??? Does your Ferrari replica have a modern engine?

To answer your question I have a Dart aluminum block motor from American Speed, however, If you go the 'replica' route and it's a replica of a vehicle manufactured prior to 1967 then emissions doesn't come into it, it's automatically smog exempt in Clark & Washoe Counties. There was no inspection, no smog, just took it in filled out some paperwork and they issued a VIN # for an ASVE (Assembled Vehicle).



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Kris, you're lucky you moved!

There are only two options in MA to get any non-production car registered. The only option for a SL-C is option 2, crush a car!

(1) Pre-emissions Engine: You must have a receipt with the VIN that the car came from to prove that it wasn’t stolen when you’re at the state trooper salvage inspection which, if all goes well, results in a new VIN. You then have to set up an appointment at a Motorist Assistance Center (MAC) to prove that you have an engine block from a pre-emissions year. Your receipts don’t mean anything. You must bring multiple published documents which stipulate what identifying marks on the block prove the year of manufacture. They then put the car on a lift and validate that. Once that’s done they make copies of the research document and they indicate how they validated a match. You then need to fill out another form: VIN number, year, make, and model of the car that engine came from plus a table that compares the following between the donor car and your car: number of ring gear teeth, number of pinion gear teeth, differential ratio (yes, they could calculate this from the former two), tire size, and all gear ratios. Your car must have the same or higher final ratios. If all goes well, the MAC gives you an emissions exemption. This is what I did for my cobra.<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
(2) Crush: You have a pre-emissions year car with the same or larger cubic displacement that has been registered and insured in MA for at least 1 or 2 years (I forget which). You go through the state trooper salvage inspection mentioned above. You then set up an appointment at the MAC and present a “certificate” that proves that you crushed the car. I assume that you’d have prove all of the ratios are higher as outlined above. If that works, the MAC gives you an emission exemption. This is my plan for the SL-C…