FS USA for sale or trade all aluminum motor

Jack Houpe

GT40s Supporter
My engine
Motor only, no clutch, flywheel, starter, or accessory drive parts.
Dart aluminum block 351W 4 inch stroke 4.125 bore 427 cu in
comp cam solid rocker rollers
K1 Technologies (carrillo) forged crank and rods no info on pistions
AFR 225 heads
TWM throttle bodies
Electromotive TEC2
MSD DIS4 (coil igniter) and individual coils per cylinder
Has no water pump (electric stays with me) or distributor.
EFI DIS goes with engine

$16,000 or trades considered

All interested contact me at [email protected] or PM here.
Test ride, compression test available.


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That looks like an engine dyno printout instead of a chassis dyno. Is that correct?

If that is a chassis dyno, that would be exceedingly impressive.