Ford GT An American Icon.

Just watched Joseph's last episode.. The one with featuring Jim Glickenhaus' beautiful '67 MIV.. incredible.. !!
I thought I knew plenty about the GT40 program- but thanks to Joseph and JG- I learned priceless nuggets-
Such as:
1- The genesis of the GT40 program wasn't as black/white as Enzo reneging on the Ford acquisition of Ferrari- That a deal was actually struck- for 18 million USD.. and that the race program would be called Ferrari/Ford and the road cars would be called Ford/Ferrari.. and that the deal breaker was that Enzo wanted FULL/100% control of the race program, even state-side, including Daytona, Sebring and Indy.. and that Carroll Shelby refused to play 2nd fiddle to him..
2- That it was The Deuces' 2nd wife riling him up to start the whole GT40 program while on holiday in France, visiting Lemans- by saying " a Ford can never beat a Ferrari"..
3- That JUST the MiV program alone cost $72 mm USD, equivalent to 1B USD today.
4- and that CS solved the thermal-shock induced shattering brake rotor problem by venting already warm air from the radiator to cool the brakes after a 220mph run down Mulsanne straight, yet not thermal shock and shatter the rotors.. ( probably was Phil Remington's idea actually)..
Just great stuff- thanks again to our GTJoseph and Jim Glickenhaus for the education...
Thank you, how did you like GTJOEY getting in the mark III and the conversation with Gary Bartlett.


You could have learned that and much more from a well researched book.
Or from being trackside and choosing whom you spoke to.
But hey.....its the Youtube age, innit...
Perhaps Charlie- although I've spent countless hours reading/and racing at the track..
But I'm waiting for the new Pitt/Cruise screen portrayal of Go Like Hell....
should be interesting... and educational... ;-)
Guys, you will be able to download the shows on hulu, Netflix and amazon in a couple of months , one the series is over.
We are all going through a television transition as tv as we know it will be dead real soon.
So like many of you , hold on tight and get ready for streaming, if your under 40 you understand , if your our age, your screwed unless you stream.....
Or wait for joey and I will have old fashioned dvds in a ouple of months. They laughed when I wanted dvds......
For the ones who can get the channel, this Friday is a wonderful interview with Brian Redman and some great classic footage.
Enjoy the holiday .
I've seen the first 2 episodes on MAVTV and have enjoyed the information and close up interviews of the cars and their custodians. Enjoyed hearing why the MK IV's were built stateside. It appears that Enzo really could get under the Deuce's skin.

I'm looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes. Saw 2 of the new GT's at SEMA this month. Great looking cars. Unless I can win the lottery and marry a superstar actress, probably won't be a new one in my garage.
Another great show. Interesting interview with Brian Redman and some great 60's footage of the GT40.
Way to go Robertsons and Matech for all their successes with the GT.
Lance if you ever want to part with one of the 4, let me know.
2 more exciting episodes to go.
It is with great honor to report the television series will be streamed on HULU and AMAZON around the world in about 2 weeks. Hopefully in the next month Netflix and Crackle as well as the American public library systems.
World wide viewing will be more than 400 million subscribers.
I will have old fashioned dvd's for the old timers in the group in about 2 months.
Thanks again and look out for it for all the viewers outside the states.
FINALLY! To all my FORD GT can now watch all 6 episodes of FORD GT AN AMERICAN ICON on AMAZON , Around the world, stream , download or purchase!
Enjoy the ride!
Kurt there is a theory that Ferrari never intended to sell to Ford in the first place! It was a plan to get a better deal with the Italian government backed Fiat.
Regards Allan
Elliot , If you have amazon primetime, you can stream all 6 show in 20 diferent languages.
The dvds were promotionals which I might have one or two left, please pm me your phone number either way. Are you going to Amelia Island?
As usual Australians need to use workarounds to get Amazon or Hulu - or indeed much of the content the rest of the world gets on Netflix etc.
Thanks Amazon etc, and especially Rupert you rooster vacuumer.