A lesson learned. Go fast parts.com BEWARE I ordered a steering wheel and hub last month. They took the cost out of my credit card 11-19-03. Still no parts. No response to e-mail. No response to fax. Phone puts you on hold forever, (really). OK almost forever.I never waited long enough for anybody to answer. One hour on hold is was much.Went on line to CAL. BBB. Bad report about non shipment of parts,No refunds and so on.STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Anderson

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If these guys are this bad - reject the charge on your credit card. Your credit card will ask the company to provide a signed slip.This will not be forthcoming so the charge will be reversed and credited back to you.All you have done is lost a couple of months waiting.
If they come up with some "over the phone" reason to the credit card company have them request the packing / delivery / consignment note number - again you will win.
Sometimes the borin accountants can win!

Hope it works for you

Thanks, I am getting it taken care of with the credit card co. now. I have also filed a complaint with the CA. attorney generals office. I have told all of you too. It does not pay to operate that way.