Good Moaning. Les Paul Guitar Anyone?


Wow !
Miller Anderson is a Scot with a helluva resume.
The don't make many like him these days.
Get some lessons organised Keith.
Believe it or not, although he is a hell of a blues player, I first met Miller when he joined T-Rex, who I was agent for for a couple of years.

He still plays in pubs quite regularly and we share the same birthday!

He regularly tours with another old friend - Chris Farlowe in Germany where they are absolute Gods! Chris has one of THE very best Blues voices ever ..(in white circles at least)

One of the weirdest regular gigs Miller used to do (maybe still does - haven't seen him in a while) is this very exclusive ski resort hotel in the Austrian Alps. A pick-up band would see Roger Taylor from Queen, Miller, Chris Farlowe and a host of ancient gnarly British Rockers - quite bizarre for an 8 week residency every Christmas period. Very very special....

Enough already! I'm feeling very old! Not only that, feeling very guilty I havent kept in touch,,,, :(
Years ago, I saw Mountain at House of Blues. Leslie West looked like Christopher LLoyd with the weight loss. I thought he was the guitar roadie before the show started.

Noel Redding was playing with him. I met him after the show and with my most sincere expression said, "Man, our generation lost sooooooo much when your brother Otis died."

Went right over his head, probably heard the expected comment so often, he didn't listen anymore.


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Chris Farlowe, Bernie Marsden, John Lord and Millar Anderson - Norway

[ame=]Hell Blues Band '03 (feat. Chris Farlowe, Miller Anderson, Bernie Marsden and Jon Lord) - YouTube[/ame]
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Nice guitar eighties lawsuit with bolt on neck gotoh tuners but on the low end. I have a Yamaha SL450 from 84 from the same era set neck and a little over 10 lbs just as good as a gibson.

Jim Rosenthal

Leslie West plays (this is true, I shit you not) East amplifiers made by my friend Jeff Bober, the local man who was the designer and owner of Budda Amps as well.

So, West plays East... sounds like a football match or something like it.


Jim, I was tempted to say that when he took to drugs it all went South for Leslie..

But, I won't - it's just too obvious, and anyway, maybe somewhere North of the truth.. :)


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Aye Peter !
I have played a David Naill silver adorned chanter for some time but the lungs are not what they used to be now.

Jim Rosenthal

I've always thought those strings sound tinny and won't stay in tune. They bend well, though; I guess that's the point.

I like GHS Brite Flats, myself. I've played them for years. Less noise with them, and they stay in tune. Plus, the medium set have a wound G which makes the sound more full; a lot sweeter.

That said, Danny Gatton played Fender strings (he was an endorser for them) that I can't stand, and no guitar ever sounded better. So, it's down to the player more than the strings, certainly.


Use good rum? WTF?

By the way, strung those strings pictured above and they sound excellent. The old ones must be 40 years old judging by the corrosion on them, but these new strings sound fat - mellow tone.

Well pleased and for only £4 delivered - a steal....

PS Just proved no-one ever reads stuff carefully on here.i referred to these strings as 'Edge wound' when of course I meant 'Flat wound'.

For anyone familiar with loudspeaker construction, the term 'Edge Wound' has a significant meaning, hence my error. :)


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Glad you like them.

Speakers ?
Too many things to learn and not enough time.

I did fit a 12" Jensen "Q" from a hardly used 1960's Hammond unit into the Tweed Deluxe amp that I built last winter.
I know nothing about speakers and I'm sure that some modern kit is much better, but it was recommended on the Fender forums and I got this one for some accuracy in the cabinet.
It was a fun build and I am now thinking of doing a Marshall layout over this winter.

Pete McCluskey.

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I'm just eight months into learning guitar, trying to keep sane after retiring. You guys are talking a language that I am only at the da da and ma ma stage... I have a Fender American and a very small Marshall amp and Di runs and hides when I practice. But I am loving it and very proud of the callouses on my finger tips.
I can play a vaguely recognisable 12 bar blues, so David bring the bagpipes and we will jam.