Group Buy Subforum?

Ron Earp

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You folks think we could use a "Group Buy" subforum? A couple of forums I belong to have group buys on products from time to time. The problem has been that you'd have to be reading the right thread to happen to get in on one of the deals.

Most companies will offer a discount to group buys and it is a win win for all involved. This Spring I organized a group buy with Carbotech for Datsun Z race pads that ended up being a $4500 deal that saved all of us involved 18% per set of pads. I can imagine there are lots of items of interest to GT40 owners that could be done on group buys.



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I have been corresponding with No other Car Ramps compare! | Ramps for your Corvettes, Porsches, Vipers, Mustangs, BMWs, Ferraris, and other high performance cars with wide tires and low ground clearance! | your best solution for Lightweight Car Ramps! for group buy on their products. I have the details from them in an email and would be happy to be the first group buy to be posted in the new subforum, if it's OK.

Disclaimer: I'm just a interested consumer with no affiliation with raceramps.

Ron Earp

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Sounds great. Have you approached or been approached by any of the sponsors about such a setup?
No, I haven't. Most of the sponsors on the site are quite low key with respect to special offers and so on. I try to encourage some to run campaigns like that from time to time to no avail.

I'll get a group buy forum up later today or tomorrow.
Ron this is a great idea!!!! I have done this on other sites and they worked out well. It might be better to set up an e-store on here and offer the discounts ALL THE TIME!! I could give you more info on how I did it on other sites if you are interested (most vendors do all of the back office for you although the discounts are less some as high as 50% and as low as 10% profit margin). It really just depends on how involved you want to be.
Case in point I was payimng $3500 for Kinesis (pre LexCRAPPY buyout) three piece rims ($5,500 retail). All it took was well im me and I'll give you the details. There is a reason that I despise MOST vendors or more to the point RESELLERS.

Ron Earp

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Whoa whoa fellows - the group buy subforum would be for YOU guys to organize your own group buys, not me to organize them for you. And I appreciate the offer on a store but the site is essentially non-profit and I'm not interested in making margin off products or, probably more importantly, being more involved with administration of the site.