Group Purchase of GT40 Drawings for Public Use

Jim Rosenthal

Re: Original Chassis Drawings

I'll chip in $100US. I'm in. I'd like to have them, if only to have a few made up as frameable prints and hang them in the house. Let me know what the procedure is, Ron.

Ron Earp

Re: Original Chassis Drawings

All we need now are monetary commitments which are coming in, we don't need actual money sent at this time. I'm sorry that this thread has digressed from Andrew's for sale posting, but that is bound to happen from time to time with popular topics. I'll move the topic to the All GT40 area and link back to the original for sale post:

The pressing question will be are the drawings for sale in the above thread the one folks collectively want, or, is the DVD offered earlier what folks wish? I also have a couple of offers for the DVD for sale that includes all the images scanned, I'm assuming the ~250 drawings that Jimmy listed.

Re: Group Purchase of Chassis Drawings for Public Use

I'm in for $100 USD' or a bit more if that's what it takes.:thumbsup:

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Re: Group Purchase of Chassis Drawings for Public Use

Time Machines will help with $100. It will be worth it just to see if these drawings really do exist!
I'll stump up USD $100.00 to help make it happen , can hardly claim to be a DIY guy if I let this opportunity pass... & it might help get rid of that age old Question: Where can I get plans for................:)

Might have to go without shaving foam & grow a beard for a while to afford it though...............

Dave Wood

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I'm still in for $100. I'll leave it to those more knowledgeable as to their value. I think they should be in Public Domain as well.
Hi everybody!

Here is the list for tthe contributions:

Ron Earp: 100$
Skeleton: 100$
Woods428: 100$
Jac Mac: 100$
Mark IV: 100$
albanygt40: 100$
nota2266: 100$
jimbo: 100$
Olivier: 100$
Russ Noble: 100$

For a total of 1000$ !

Should make the deal for 500£ no?

Ron, and the others, if you compare M. Komosa's drawing list, and the one posted by JimmyMac, they are the same. So if you have multiples offers for the DVD, let choose the best one? And if there is much money collected, why don't you keep the difference for the forum, as I guess that hosting space is not free for you?

What do others think about that?

Waiting for the paypal account address now :thumbsup:


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I didn't count you in the list, because:

1: I forgot you :shy:
2: I can't judge for everyone if it is worthless

I've read on this forum that there is 2500+ drawings for the entire car... So it's obvious that 250 drawings won't be enough for anybody to re-design the entire car...
Then it's useless for anybody wanting them for building a car.
But, IMO, they are wothless for beeing what they claim to be: originals drawings... This is why I'm in.

Check the list by yourself. There are some assy drawings (particularly wishbones). This can be good for those guessing how is the original set up (even if we would also need informations about where they are located on the chassis, and for that, as stated JimmyMac, there is no chassis assy drawings in the list...)

If you're in, let me know, And I'll edit my post.



Jim Rosenthal

I agree. The overage, if there is any, will raise Ron's hourly wage for running the Forum and benefiting all of us from about two cents an hour to about 2.03 cents per hour. I think he's more than entitled to it.


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How about everbody that donated automatically gets a copy. Anyone else pay a fee of some sort for access to the info.



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I am in with $100 ...., I think if purchased they should only be available to people who support the forum and not freely available to anybody who only registers, this at least would help Ron towards the costs of keeping the forum going.