GTD Brakes, residual pressure valves

Howard Jones

I have mounted 12.13 X 1.25 wilwood rotors and superlight 2A calipers(4 pot) all around. Have retained stock GTD boosters and master cylinder. Rear has proportioning valve in line. Rear brakes all OK. Fronts seam to drag slightly and SREACH to allmighty heaven all speeds all brake rate.

I seam to remember someone putting a residual pressure valve into the front brakes with this setup but the "search" did not turn up much .

Any advice? If I put one in the front line do I put it between the output of the booster and the calipers, or between the MC and the booster.

How about pad type? I have some agressive race types in the front now. Shound I put in street pads?

Thank you in advance, Merry Christmas!

Howard Jones

It is unlikely that you need to put a residual pressure valve in your set up as you say that you have slight drag on your front brakes anyway. Without being able to see your set-up in the "flesh" i would think that you either have not bedded in your front pads properly, especially if you are running hard pad material, or that the pads need a lead-in to stop chatter/squeal.

It is important that you always bed in your new rotors and pads properly and that hard racing grade pads are not for basic road use. They can be a definite disadvantage.


Graham @ GTA.
Jones, Excelent "picture", much better than GT40 Pics /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

Wilwood recommended, Q compound pads part# 15Q-6827k for street, I have them at home, I can come buy, drop them in, we see what happens. You supply the beer /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif