GTD Build manual .pdf

GTD Build Manual

Happy X-mas, all the best for the New Year and thanks also for this web site and all the hard graft involved.
A quick question re the GTD build manual and doing a PDF file for the web site. Just wondering if their was any progress?
Regards Martin
I've made a start on converting the GTD build manual to a .pdf file. Providing I'm not treading on any toes, nor infringing GTD's copyright here, I'm happy to let any GTD owner have a copy.
I'm not sure if it's possible to host it on this or another site to enable GTD owners to download it??????


If this is NOT legal, please could somebody let me know BEFORE I give it away to anybody.
Re: GTD Build Manual

Hi Frank
Yes thought it might be a good reference for me with the forthcoming Southern GT build looming we are embarking on. Might stop me pestering you so much! I appreciate your continued patience and look forward to seeing you in the New Year so we can get cracking on the build. Got a load of ideas for little tweeks.
Regards Martin.
In 'fortyfication' there is a wanted advert every month for one of these - might be worth letting him know in case he doesn't use this forum
HHHMMMMM, having problems uploading the full pdf to my hotmail account. I think I need to download it to a host server somwhere......The GTD club?????

After approval from "mr GTD" himself, Ray christopher. Paul Thompson is going to make the .pdf GTD build manual available as a download from the GTD club website.
It's in three parts of under 10mb each. If I made it any smaller, the quality of the phots suffers. Having said that, If anybody is looking for detail in a particular picture in the manual, email me with a request for said photo and page number and I can send a higher quality image.
Happy new year to all.


Ron Earp

Hey Paul and Simon,

that is a good thing to do. I can host it here too as long as someone can get it to me via FTP access or other.

Thanks guys - even though I have a KVA and an RCR40, I'm always looking for new ideas and information!