Has anyone tried one of those electric boost power brake setups?

Joel K


Keep in mind the length of that unit is longer than a Camaro Brake Booster and MC setup. The combo mini cooper brake booster and master cylinder setup is more compact.

A couple builders have been incorporating electric boosters onto their pedal assemblies. Scott Swartz and Scott Rowland.
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Thanks, Joel. I didn't know the total length, however it seemed the ability to place the booster in a different location by the master cylinder might be useful.

Howard Jones

Jeff the master cylinder bore on that is 1 3/16s. That is much larger than the typical master cylinder sizes I have in my car F=0.7 R= 0.7 and larger than any I know of being used in an SLC. I believe that RCR GT40s use a similar brake system. Typical master sizes are in the .75 range. I would investigate this issue before you buy one.
Does anyone with a driving SLC with manual brakes feel like they would rather have power breaks?

I absolutely understand wanting power steering, but I’ve never wished for power breaks in any of my cars with manual brakes.
Never had manual brakes before. I am slowly getting used to them . It certainly takes a lot more force , but feels to me you have a lot more control, but I have only been driving for a week. the manual steering can be tough on parking lots you just have to muscle through it , I don't see it as a must at all , personally I don't think is worth the trouble, but then again I have only been driving for one week . So far so good.

Oh and the front lift kit is definitely a MUST .

Just giving my 0.02

Chris Kouba

Manual steering and brakes on my GT and never thought twice about it. Love the feel and simplicity of both. I know the SLC will have bigger brakes and more rubber on the front end, but it certainly seems like overkill.