Heart Rate fun

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
I got a Fitbit watch for my birthday back in March, so have had plenty of time to see what my heart rate does in different conditions.
In ascending order we have

Sleeping 55bpm
Resting 60bpm
Working at computer 74bpm
Driving a BMW 320D 98bpm
Cutting hedge Friday Afternoon 113bpm
s*x 115bpm - how disappointing haha
Excitement before getting in GT40 116bpm
Running on treadmill sweating and breathing hard 128bpm
Driving GT40 no sweating, no breathing hard, just pure joy 133bpm

This leads to a good question - is driving a GT40 good exercise or not?
Answer - who cares, let's just get back in and drive it again!!!


Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Glenn, yes I think we had better leave that one there.
Actually Glenn, I will add, and I guess that I am not alone in this, if I have been silly enough to neglect my wife, she rightly tells me that if I love the GT40 that much then I should sleep in the garage with it! Ouch!