Heater / Air Con Pipe Routing

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Just thinking about how I'm going to route all my pipe work from the front to the back of the car and just wondered how you all did this. I was hoping to be able to run it all through the centre console but there isn't the space.
At the moment my centre console has the 2 main cooling pipes (38mm OD)in it wrapped in that high exhaust wrap. I'm also going to run my brake lines low underneath them. The air on hoses to the back are the large Dash 10 & Dash 8 pipes and these will just fit (Thick wall rubber pipes) but they will be touching the wrapped cooling pipes. Can I get smaller OD pipes for this to leave a bit of a gap or use metal pipe but I'm not sure how to connect these. Ive still got to run a servo hose through there and I'm now thinking of running the heater hoses through a bulkhead fixing then down the outside of the passenger side panel.

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Try and run the hoses as is. There are specified that way. You can try hard lines if you want, there are places out there that do them.

Maybe have a look at getting your coolant pipes modified to take off at the front rather than at the engine. You can have pipes welded at the bends to be able to create the flow and also less packaging issue by running them down the side. I assume you are running servo hose for vacuum pipe? You could always redo them and have no servos at all leaving more space, less weigh and cost :)

Hi Jase

I'm planning to run some pipes down the space for the gear mechanism next to the drivers seat as I'm going for a central gear stick. It's just a 'plan' at the minute so not sure how it'll turn out or if it's suitable for you, but might be something else to think about...
Down the outside for me, from what I have read it's not good practice to run the AC hoses near heat sources.
I have decided not to bother at all with a heater as let's be honest there will be a 400bhp just behind my seat... and it's not like I will be driving it in adverse weather much if at all.


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Hi Jayson

I personally would and did run hard copper lines for the aircon through the centre tunnel.

Due to the fact that rubber hoses perish and/or deteriorate over time and the difficulty of replacing lines through the tunnel I would avoid using any perishable pipes in that situation.

If they are suitably insulated you will have no problems.

In mine I have, main coolant, heater, aircon, brake, clutch with no problems.

How did you do the hard lines?

I'd like to run hard lines down the tunnel and I'm struggling on the connections.


Hi Bud,

I may be able to help you out with some stainless Tubing. That is what I have planned for my Tunnel area. I should have a mock up to photo by Sunday and I'll shoot you a copy.


Dimi Terleckyj

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How did you do the hard lines?

I'd like to run hard lines down the tunnel and I'm struggling on the connections.


All you need to do is run copper pipes through the tunnel and then get the fittings from your aircon supplier and silver solder the fittings to the copper pipe and then when you get the aircon hose crimped up it just screws to the fittings you made up on the copper pipe.

After the pipe is in the tunnel get the crimp fittings and screw them on and then cut and fit the hose to the appropriate length and routing, mark the orientation on the hose and fitting and then take them off and get them crimped and the job is done.

This method ensures you will have no long term headaches with the hoses breaking down in the tunnel and requiring major dismantling to replace down the track.
It all comes down to long term maintenance planning.

Hi all.

Thanks for all the replies.


What you've suggested is exactly what I would like to do.

I presume I need to run a 1/2" (Dash 10) and a 13/32" (Dash 8) copper tube
down the centre then solder the appropriate connectors on the ends of these pipes.

Do you have any links which show those fittings, Ive found some for building aircon which use pipe flares

I wont have room for heating also but I've bought a nice 90 degree double bulkhead fitting from Car Builder solutions which would allow me to run those down the passenger side sill bulkhead