Hello from Thunder Bay

Hello, i am the new guy from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada with a 1967 Fiberfab Avenger GT-12 built on a EMPI modified 1960 VW chassis with a twin carb, dual port 1600cc engine! I know, I know, it's only a look alike GT40, an old kit car; but, it's all I have and it means a lot to me.
Are you going to do a rebuild on it? If so will you be starting a build thread for us to peruse? Happy to have you posting, from your slightly further west brother in Winnipeg.
Yes, I will do a rebuild...although, I already rebuilt the engine in my garage over the winter time so I will post some pics of the progress so far. Kind regards, Clark
Yes I will start a log Randy...thanks for the interest. Also, I attached a pic of my Avenger for you. Please keep in mind I am just starting and the GT40 stripe is a photoshop idea so far. All the best!
Well, as I was building the engine for the Avenger GT I decided to bore out the cylinder openings and have now installed German Mahle forged 92mm pistons and cylinders to increase the engine size to 1835cc for more power. I also installed an Engle FK Cam that is similar to the 110 to 120 specifications. Still using the 34ICT Weber carbs; Although, this is the maximum engine size recommended for these Carbs, so will see how that works?