Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?


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I thinks that's reasonable especially for those lucky enough like you to put their cars on the track occasionally.

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.Hope this lengthy explanation helps. .
If I were 14 with my first Corolla I'd probably learn something from your diary entry. Not sure what though.

At the risk of losing my only internet stalker, I'll remind you that my car's been on the road for year. But you like chewing on my ankle so don't slow down your OCD. Keep posting the same jab over and over. I guess it makes up for having nothing useful to contribute, other than stories about how you spent your money having someone else build your car. Sears has cheap toolsets if you ever want to try some wrenching yourself.

Regarding your concern for gentlemanliness and your respect for others, tell us about this post:

BTW running on the track isn't about luck; it's about initiative and skill. OK, for you that is luck.
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Scott Calabro

A friend of mine outside of Boston has a TS40 that is 15ish years old has almost 46k on it, and to my knowledge (other than brake fluid and coolant changes) all he's had to do is change the oil & filter.

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I'm confused, what does all that have to do with whether a GT40 is a weekend car or how much maintenance they need? You having a bad day Al? Can we see a pic of 2160 on the road?


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Getting stupid but its the internet so what would one expect. How about just delete every post in this thread that is not directly related the the topic which is the GT40 as a weekend car and maintenance sheesh ladies.
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Depends on what "reasonable" might be for you. At least with my CAV, I'd recommend a two "gym bag rule". With the nose (or nostril) cover I have, I can fit two lightly filled gym bags up front under it (see photo). If the travel requires more than that, you really need a FEDEX solution or the purchase of fresh clothes each stop. In the CAV there is also room in the passenger footwell ahead of any passenger less than 5'9" (my wife). That's where the car cover goes (to not only cover but secure the car overnight). It's definitely a bit of an adventure but reasonable if you are a light traveler and have a passenger who is a good sport with a sense of humor. If you are going it alone, you can fill the passenger area with enough soft luggage for an easy few days.
My car actually does pretty well in the rain and interior leakage hasn't been too much of a problem.


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Now that I have mine sorted and reliable, I will say I have asked myself this question for the entire 5 years of construction time. I think it comes down to desire and patience. If you want it to be a weekend car, it can be. As long as you understand that there are limits based on the layout and size of the car, you can make it what you want. Some build the cars as near to full-on race cars as possible, with no AC, no sound deadening, no creature comforts of any kind. Some work to get it as comfy as possible. Some have sealed the cabin, others have not bothered.

Mine is probably where a lot of cars are: I have enough heat and sound insulation to make the car quite nice to drive on a nice day. I have earplugs but never wear them, it's not really that loud in the car (unless I mat it, and then things do get more intense...). I am not worried about sealing it from weather because the car is enough of a handful in the dry and I don't think I want to drive it in the wet. I am not going to use it for weekends away because my wife is not interested in it, so that ends that. And I am not overly keen putting my kids in it, because it really is like being on a motorcycle: if you get in an accident with another car, it's not going to go well. I am comfortable with that risk for myself, but not my kids (and I am not that unhappy my wife is not a fan...)

If I was sure of the weather, I could take the car on a trip by myself, say to a track event or some gathering of friends, without issues. I have done several trips to and from VIR, which is about 1.5 hours away and it is just fine cruising down the highway.
Sounds like what each of you are saying is that the use of your cars depends on how much you are willing to tolerate. Wind, heat, rain, noise and lack of luggage space a car that draws crowds, lack of door locks.
When you buy or build a performance car is it not for just that Performance. Maybe I am crazy but when I am driving I enjoy driving carving a nice corner, driving it in deep and getting a good run out of the corner. Enjoying the drive I was watching a video of Jack Houpe giving some lady a ride in his GT. The lady was amazed ,but Jack looked like he was beaming as he rowed through the gears. Once my pile of parts is actually done it will be weekends , week days when ever or where ever I feel like going. Tale of the dragon, blue ridge park way, route 66
Sounds like what each of you are saying is that the use of your cars depends on how much you are willing to tolerate. Wind, heat, rain, noise and lack of luggage space a car that draws crowds, lack of door locks.
I was hoping to say that use of the car depends on you making it what you want. If you don't like it hot, insulate it and add AC (which is what I did). If you want to drive it in the rain, seal it up. If you think it needs door locks, put 'em in!
You are absolutely right a Forty allows you to do that. A lot of these new cars have so many driving aids that it takes away from the raw driving expierence. It seems a shame to lose that. I guess in the end it is all personal preference. Lots of guys like Corvettes, I personally do not.
Dave, As most have responded on your initial question you can pretty much do what you like with these cars as far as replicas go. Take a look at some of our "down under" friends and you'll see some very polished examples with plush interiors, and updated audio systems, etc etc. But then you also have some owners who have created essentially a race car for the street with bare bones interiors and no frills at all. Mine is somewhere in between. No radio, but have AC, partially stripped out interior, very loud exhaust.... I could see myself doing some overnight travel in it without too much bother which would be a very "raw" drive if things got moist on the road but when I bought the car I knew going in it wouldn't be a "softee" as I could have bought just about anything at the time. I wanted something "raw", iconic and stunning to look at and the GT40 ticks all those boxes and then some. The one thing you will not be able to get away from are the gawkers. You park the car anywhere and it WILL draw a HUGE amount of attention. If I ever did leave it anywhere overnight I would not sleep unless I knew an armed guard was watching it.


Dave - the Blue Ridge Parkway is a beautiful ride, but the speed limit is only 45mph!
Some areas 35 and the ticket is a 'show up at Federal Court'. Try US 74 Hickory Nut Gap, #9 around Black Mtn, Hwy 151, hwy 276 Rosman to Waynesville, #80 Marion to Mt Mitchell. All less traveled and you don't have to deal with the 7 different law enforcement agencies on the 'tail of the Dragon' .

Back to the question....Yes the 40 is a great car for a three day weekend.