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Thanks Dave,
Yes mate, they are counterbored to fit the Webers just like the Holman Moody manifold I did for your Jenvey system.
There is also some mild porting done on these to clean them up.

Glad to see your EFI system is working well - a great achievement.
ps. I have found the HM receipt for your manifold so I will send it you for your records when time allows.

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Thanks James, much appreciated. After some minor work and a new, high torque starter motor, I test started last weekend, seems ok and no hunting. This weekend I will balance throttles and go on from there.

Ian Anderson

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Wow James, if you have got to the stage of the mirrors you must be close to the first drive.

i am sure that there are many, me included that would love to see that happen.

They are beautiful James ,looks like next year will see you realise a dream the has been executed like only an engineer with the utmost integrity could ,you are indeed a rare beast and deserve the fruits of your labour .happy new year

regards mark


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Probably could be ?.
I know there are two different steel shells (the other vent shell is below) but it's the eyeball and housing which counts especially if NOS.
The tabs may be different but this is an easy fix and the illustration in the JWA book shows the rear fixing as a simple ring with two tabs.
Show us yours if you have a different pair.


Zephyr Mk4 Vent1.jpg


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It's been about twelve years since I got these vents and I remember removing them from some massive alloy casting assemblies when I got them.
This old drawing shows the two vents and my vents are indeed passenger side (73014K26).
The illustration clearly identifies the stud on the tab So it's the same vent with a different tab fixing.

Thanks James, fantastic stuff as always. I managed to get two of the face lift zephyr vents, i wasn't sure which ones to used. I need to update my build diary. I will tell the rest of the story in my thread.

Keep well regards Ryan