Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars


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My dash for the second car painted and ready to go in.


That is looking very crisp James.

I don't know how you have made it look so sharp. I especially like the sharp edge to the line as it rolls over the top of the dash board. Most of the ones I have seen have this somewhat flattened.

No doubt something to do with the 90° corners opening up a few degrees every time a replacement mold is pulled of a molded copy part. So after a few generations that 90° corner ends up at 70° with very rounded transitions.

I have my dashboard cut up at present (its been like that for a while) and I am just not sure how to tackle getting it back together and moving in a direction that is like yours. If you have any photos that show the development and steps you used to get to the point above I would love to see them. I can also understand if you don't want to air all the little tricks as well so will just have to knuckle down and get moving.




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Hello Ryan,
Thanks for your interest - that particular dash took me a long time to complete.

I spent a long time looking for a dash which I liked and fitted properly and they exist but lack some originality and are very expensive.
Anyway there is nothing fancy here, it is a Blue Peter job and involved cutting bits away and replacing them until none of the donor existed.
Crikey, and I thought Ozzies had a lingo...... "blue peter job", "certain Spanish pilchard tin"......
enjoy your friday lads.


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Above is the latest progress on Alistair's car :):):)

With lockdown over I am able to get out of the house, so I spent my first couple of days with Alistair fitting out the suspension on my chassis.
We spent a lot of time honing the wishbones and fitting out Shafer bearings and machining bronze spacer bushes.

The beers and curries were great !!

Thanks Alistair for a superb three days, I could not have done it so fast without your time and patience.




Cracking great sounds to hear. Now I am no expert however I have been studying the front clip brackets and bobbins very closely the last week or so. I think the bobbins may be 180 out on the chassis.......Just jealous that is all!


A: so you would no loose them.
B: so you would not hit your shin on them whilst working on the suspension and other bits.
C: to see if any one is paying attention.
D: provides a handy rope sling point for lifting the front of the car with out damaging the paint on the tubes.

How did I do?


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Who would have thought that today is the tenth anniversary since Ray passed.
Verily, he was a man made of many a good quality.

Exceptionally enthusiastic about all things GT40, his ambition to build a new business aimed at constructing a number of quality GT40 monocoque chassis was tragically cut short with a terminal illness.

Here are some photos of his jigs and tooling he made for his mono construction.
Every piece of his cutting list had a press tool and corresponding assembly fixtures to fit each workpiece accurately with repeatability on his exoskeleton build table.

We still miss him.

Jigs & Press Tools 03.jpeg
Jigs & Press Tools 02.jpeg

Jigs & Press Tools 01.jpeg

Prototype 006.jpg

Table 03.jpeg

Table 04.jpeg

build table.jpg

Table 01.jpeg

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
That was awesome work James and at an advanced stage so tragic that he never got to see his dream completed.
Please pardon my ignorance, but has this legacy been passed on or is it just gathering dust? It would certainly be a tribute to it's creator.
What an incredible amount of work, quite impressive. It is sad he didn't get to see it finished. Thank you for continuing to post, your creations are wonderful.