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My machinist has not gotten to mine yet. 55 degree 8tpi? We are making two stub pieces to then hold the threaded spinners to then cut the seating taper.

Ian Anderson

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Probably a daft question considering how period correct you are going but.......

Are you doing the right and left hand threads - or just doing them all right handed?



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They are threaded left and right pairs.
My magnesium BRMs painted up nicely.

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Did you use smock stub axle to cut the seating taper?
The stub axle was not needed.
We used the original spinner in the chuck to mimic the taper and turned the castings to suit.

We are now at a "rolling chassis" stage with my car, many thanks to my great friend Alistair and his young son James who have given their valuable time and busted a gut these past hellish months to progress everything for me.


Dummy steering wheel for transport.


Dash in - awaiting gauge install. (re-order warning light colours)



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We will be getting some new toys this week.


A load of 1/2" steelwork. :)
Next job will be a fine media blast and etch prime.

And a little spot welder for my birthday which has been completely upgraded with the addition of a second "pulse" switch so I will be able to spot weld new UHS steel, Boron steel, also very thin Zintec sheet, and wire mesh. The test piece proved capability of fusion through 5 layers of 1.2mm sheet, we shall see.

Guess this means you guys have all the jigs and fixtures from mirage?

The plate to the right is that what they used to locate the lower "channel" for the windscreen?


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Have you got details of this mod? i want to upgrade my spot welder as well, it loos the same as that, without the timer switch.

Regret no Ryan.


It involves complete overhaul of the core machine, changing out the internals with higher spec parts and installing two new switch circuits.
The price for a refurbished machine is about £500 plus courier shipping for a 12kg package.


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Guess this means you guys have all the jigs and fixtures from mirage?

The plate to the right is that what they used to locate the lower "channel" for the windscreen?


It has just arrived so we will need to sort it all out with the drawings but my guess is most of the tools and jigs are here. The cabinets are also full of dies.
The assembly table top plate locating the geometry reference marks and datum went a long time ago but we have the drawing to cut a new one,

Need to get rid of the flash rust soon.



That is quite a jigsaw puzzle!

I have a lot of admiration for you and the ability to tackle that; I don't have the skill set but sure envy those that do.

Very nice problems to have Jimmy.
Are you going to do anything different to what was originally done on your chassis?

I know I used photos from your build early on in the development of my CAD model. There is so many little details to consider in these chassis.
I find it interesting to see the tooling and how the flat sheets were arranged prior to forming. Its like a big origami puzzle.