Koenigsegg crashes into bystanders..

Randy V

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Dick head, I hope no one was badly hurt.
X2 on that... I never saw the driver get out of the car either.. Probably would have gotten his butt kicked by someone in the crowd he jus mowed down...

Jim Rosenthal

Stupid bastard.

I don't know anything else about this mishap, but I would be surprised if all the spectators were alive after that screwup by the driver.

Larry L.

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'Sorry, Guys, the real cause of this incident was allowing spectators to stand within INCHES of the 'race track'. 'Never have understood the "logic"(???) behind allowing that sort of thing. Cars are going to break, drivers are going to screw up, and when either one (or both) of those things happens, someone is likely to get hurt...or worse. That's just the way it goes. KNOWING THAT - why the devil are people allowed to stand with their toes darn near touching any kind race track???????

(Road rally spectators who insist on 'pitching camp' on the outside radius of corners [especially sharp corners] are r-e-a-l-l-y asking for it.)
Seems the driver was in over his head before he started, as he could not even do a burn-out turn correctly without backing up. Not exactly on top of the equipment. And then lets throw in a little abrupt boost and.....he ran out of talent just as abuptly. I gotta say I would have not been standing there, knowing there are guys out there with this talent level - egos and wallets to match. AND of course independent of this episode things DO break.

Those people on the outside of a Rally corner...that is called housekeeping in the gene pool.

Howard Jones

Darwinism works! Just not fast enough.......or in enough volume........Now if we could sell the koninwhatever's for 5K$ and have races with fields in the hundreds with free admission and goverment cheese handed out......Damn there I go again........sorry.