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I have a bat-wing pan if that may solve any issues for you. PM me if interested.
Thank you for the offer. The c5 pan we tried was actually a bat-wing. The wings are what kept it from fitting. Will try an F body pan, but I think it will be too deep. We'll have to cut the subframe I believe.
I bought the smallest rear sump oil pan I could find which was the holley swap pan (302-1). Still interfered with the cross bar on the subframe. I thought I'd leave as much of the bar as possible but I ended up cutting out more then half to give minimal clearance. This to allow the engine to finally sit on top of the sold mounts....which don't line up. The mounts are about 1/4" too wide. I either need to heat the subframe and see how much I can get the solid mounts to move. Or clearance holes on the engine mounts to see if I can move them into place without them being in a bind.

I think there might also be a solid mount height/angle issue on top of the width. If I choose to put in either the right or left motor mount bolt, I cannot put in either of the transmission/adapter plate bolts to their subframe mount...I tried loosening the adapter plate from the engine and they still could not be coerced in. Mounts must be too high.
Here is the modification we made to the cross bar to fit oil pan. We'll either strengthen this or cut it out completely and replace with smaller tubing.
IMG_20170714_165726 by LBCportagee, on Flickr

Also had to take down both front motor mounts to get the adapter plate to bolt to the transaxle mount. This one is also off by about 1/4" so it will need to be bent into place. We will take a cut out, heat, pound and weld into place, or at least thats the plan.

IMG_20170714_165736 by LBCportagee, on Flickr

Randy V

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Scott - I think I would find someone with a tubing bender to bend you up the right solution...
I do have quit a few odds and ends of 1 1/2" dom with bends, so I'll see if I have something that works...what I don't have is the threaded plug to weld in. It's so close that I wasn't really considering cutting off the mount alltogether but you're probably right. I think the angle of the threading would be an issue after bending it too. I feel like I need a shortcut here and there though.
Just wanted to share a link for those interested in Fabricating your own headers (and owners of a 3D printer). I think these parts will immediately be recognizable (and also the thought "Oh those would be nice if it weren't for the $$$$). The STEP files are posted in various sizes and CLR which is good because it's not that easy to re-engineer a different size off of the step file and maintain the CLR. The band saw cutting tools are only available in 1-5/8" though, but I created 1-3/4" and 1-7/8" in various CLR in like 30 minutes. There's also 3" for mocking Exhaust routing. Available at Thingiverse