LOLA T70 scratch build...

Wooohouuuu ; that's a big big piece on your puzzle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those gearboxes are so rare and pricy now !!!!!


Marcus, make sure your ring gear bolts are torqued to spec and lock wire them in place. A bit of Loctite on the threads is a good idea, too. LG gearboxes are notorious for loosening those bolts and backing them out far enough that the bolt heads contact the inside of the side cover and trash it. We lost one that way in Bob's M8C in Can-Am.
You have really avery nice piece of car there !!!!
Was dreaming to hve similar one for a Maclaren M6 GT project I had but have gone away due to cost and Brexit thing !!!!
Very nice Marcus. Love your work.
Any chance you could divulge your source of wheel clips ? I have McLaren Reprduction wheels from Vintage Engineering, but no retaining clips.
Regards, Udo.