LSD Virgin!



Well, last night Dave helped me finish the installion of the Renault gearbox with Quaife 1st and 2nd gears plus the Quaife LSD. Also got a taller 5th gear too for Mway cruising, if I actually did any of that anymore!

To test, one just has to do the obligatory run of checking the LSD does lock up and leave two black tyre marks and blow me down with a feather, it does!

Only problem now is that on this coming saturday I am taking the car to Longleat Hill Climb. How does the LSD alter the way the car drives? I have been told all kinds of things like that I will experience push, that you can't lift off to turn the nose in etc etc.

What can I expect?

Sneaky Pete
aka Malcolm

PS just how long will this Sneaky Pete thing last?
A LSD is a Limited Slip Differential.
Uses varying forms of clutches between the spider gears and the side of the case/axle shafts, all being preloaded by a spring or springs depending on manufacturer.

I would think the most noticeable difference should be that the rear stays more firmly planted as you exit a corner, so that you can get on the gas earlier and realize a higher exit speed.
Hi Sneaky!

Glad to see you're back in action and look forward to seing you at Longleat.

Fortunately, Dodd's Hairpin at Longleat has an escape road with a straw bale on it so it should'nt hurt too much!

Just remember to to turn RIGHT!!!

See ya Saturday and let's hope Roy's Clutch holds out as its still on/off at the moment...

Oh and by the way, I presume the obligatory 'Burn-out' test you've tried was in the local car park that you recently complained about.... something to do with young layabouts doing doughnuts and handbrake turns etc etc..... hmmmmm


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How much does it cost to put these QUAIFE bits into the Renault box? Tail slides should be easier to control with the LSD,a bit like on a Gokart.


The quaife diff costs £650 plus taxes. Kevon Jones at GTO Engineering near Reading is the sole supplier as he commissioned Quaife to make them for him. He has a cupboard FULL of them!

However the quaife diff doesn't work on the principles described above as it is a geared diff, not a plate or clutch version. I am not sure how these work but it uses helical gears inside that give a variable amount of lock. It is meant to be better. Suggest look at Quaife web site for explanation.

All those that have them swear by it. Also when the comp guys got them for the first time last year, it was at Longleat. They blitzed my previous club record by up to 3 seconds! Wonder what times will happen this weekend.

But don't worry I shall be trying to get them to tell me what I need to know, although they will most likely lead me up many paths just for fun! They really have taken it badly that I could actually keep a secret from them.

My main concern is push. When it normally happens I lift off and the nose turns in better. It is meant to be the opposite now so that could be tricky. I have no concern over the back end stepping out as I am plenty used to that, hence my first nick name of mad arse. Push keeps me awake at night! Maybe this is why I do well on the tight twisty stuff.

Watching Paul this year, he has really taken to the LSD and at Lydden he was drifting the car beautifully. He didn't even know he was doing it, but Dave and I could see it from the bottom of Hairy Hill. Streets ahead from everyone else. Then seeing Andrew launch at Loton Park was good too. This showed me the potential and I had been eyeing up this box for some time.

We shall see


PS Thanks Paul, I know the hairpin at Longleat goes right and not left like at Wiscombe. Last time I had "problems" at this hairpin, the gap between the hay bales was big enough to get the car through although the wing mirros got clipped slightly!

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I think the "Sneaky Pete" thing is going to be permanent.... Just wait until you show up with new ali heads painted to look like cast iron and fuel injection...
I would expect the car to be a very small amount tighter on entry (due to LSD requiring a little force to break over). And possibly a bit more loose on exit as you now can work the outside tire harder without inside wheel spin.


Well, my experiences from Longleat were interesting. The car did suffer from push when I used my standard tyre pressure settings. I was able to dial this out by dropping the front tyre pressures. Once I had some balance I was able to lean on the car a bit and felt the front tuck in as I accelerated around the corner. This was a wierd feeling to me as it was very different to my previous experiences with the car. I have some learning to do.

What was nice was the launching and higher speeds in the first two gears. I was getting competitive launch times compared to everyone. I was then getting 49 mph in first and 76 in second! This is much more than previously. Remember the quaife 1st and 2nd gears are taller than the normal Renault items. However if I didn't go high on rpm in 1st when I changed to 2nd the engine bogged down as I am a bit low on torque.

The clutch wasn't fully disengaging with the new friction plate. It must be very slightly different in a way that I can't see. I am going to have to change the master cylinder to correct the bite point back to where it used to be. Then I might not miss gears!

On Oct 3rd I am at a track day at Goodwood for some testing. I hope to have these issues resolved by then so next year, hopefully with my confidence back with the car, I can leap out of the box and be back further up the field.

Thanks for all the tips above.


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