MIG alloy welding

I can't weld alloy at the moment cause I don't have a AC TIG welding machine.
My Cebora 160 EVO MIG welding machine is capable of doing alloy. I need to swap to 100% argon and a teflon inner lining according to the manual.
So what are the results of MIG welding alloy?

Bill Kearley

They will both require a lot of time and practice. I would invest in a one pound spool gun and adapt it to your machine for your aluminum welding. A liner will just be a pain in the ass and you will still have the birdnesting thing.
Plus one for a Spool gun. I could not get on with the old teflon liner thing. PITA. The spool gun is brilliant. With a bit of practice you will soon get to grips with it and be making some decent welds. Needs a bit of practice, that's all.
I also braze with the spool gun. Really useful tool.
JP the best thing you can do for welding aluminum is invest in a good tig welder. I have both a tig and mig and after years of welding I find myself using the tig far more then the mig.