Need cooling help please

The notch at the bottom of the timing cover appears to be a weep hole, so you can tell if the back of the pump is leaking. I don't think it should be filled with JB or sealant. I just seal around the water jackets.

There are two additional bolts underneath going through the oil pan and into the timing cover. You can clearly see them if you refer to the link in Michaels post #117. Keep in mind, taking the timing cover off may snow ball into an oil pan gasket. Not a bad idea if you have access. FelPro makes a really nice one piece gasket.

Know that Ford made a few different timing covers. They can easily get mixed up. Ask me how I know. :) Also, I have found that the cheap Chinese timing covers are junk. The last one I ordered the holes were off so far that I could not thread them into the holes on the block. I think Michael pointed you to a good one. Appears to be OEM with Ford stamping.

My 2 cents worth...
Today I ordered the Ford one from is due here tomorrow. No hope it is packaged well.

I have seen the weep hole you are referring to. I have read differing opinions. The old one wasn't filled and I would probably lean that way.

I am prepared to dive deeper if needed!

Thanks for you .02!
So the new Ford Performance item came in from Summit Racing today. It was packaged nicely and came with all gaskets, dipstick hole plug, nice stickers, and a crank seal! The gasket surface is definitely machined better. What I find interesting is that the sensor mount is machined off. I guess it is a "non issue" for me. Looking forward to trying to put this on in a couple of weeks! Thanks for the tip.