New Diff Ratios available for OI6

So, is the pinion integrated on to one of the main shafts of the transmission?

If so, that answers the question.

I have never seen the inside of the Audi transmission, and the initial post that said a bearing cage caused the interference. That made me think that it could possibly be adapted for Audi size bearings.

A picture would be worth a thousand words here.


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Anyone with an 016 tranny should buy an Audi Haynes Manual or equal. Cheap enough on e-bay.

According to the Manual, 5th gear is easily removed with
simple tools. Robert Logan alluded to this previously,
saying no problem changing 5th while 016 is still in the car. I haven't taken mine apart yet...but very soon.

I have a 5N tranny and an AAZ tranny, and unless someone comes up with a 3U 5th gear (.64 ratio)from the UK ,
I'll swap the .73 ratio 5th from the 5N to the AAZ to
to give me the lowest final drive I can find.
(The 5N has 4.11 final drive and the AAZ has 3.89).

Changing ring and pinions are another animal.
The pressed on gears shown in the manual are not a big deal.
The pinion shaft is stepped, and with a LITTLE heat and a press, they'll come off. The bigger deal is properly setting the pinion depth, always necessary when a pinion
gear is changed (the manual says even changing the bearings
requires re-setting the pinion depth).

Of course we still have to figure out why previous attempts
to install the 944 pinion were unsuccessful. It's not clear
in my mind if it was because of the shaft bearings or
the differential bearings. I suspect it was the differential
bearings, in which case one would think either the Audi
case could be modified, or maybe Audi bearings installed
on the 944 differential. If I had access to a CHEAP 944
trans, I'd pull it apart and take to my machine shop guru.
But so far no cheap 944s found.

If someone else has a 944, I'd love to borrow it.

My quest to find the fit up information of the 944T R&P into the 016, has produced something that will hopefully be of benefit and interest to this list. I spoke with German Transaxle of America regarding this issue, and they were quite receptive to determining the fit. We discussed some of the differences between the two, like press-on or splined 4th gears, tooth count, etc. An initial catalog search revealed that with the proper selection of parts, the 3.37:1 R&P from the 944T will likely fit the 016 (They did have a 3.37:1 R&P in stock). Ultimately, they will determine the final answer. So here's the deal: Those interested should contact them directly (I have their permission to post this). Ask for John Stadelman, and mention AndyGT40 to him. Tel: 800-892-4327. BTW, I benefit nothing from this. It is simply my contribution to you good folks on this list. I am not soliciting, have no affiliation with German Transaxle of America, and hope I'm not violating list decorum with this post. I only ask that anyone persuing their services, share their experiences. I think Ron did some business with them previously. Good luck.


Just in case you think that you can go to the nearest industrial park and find one of these machines, there are only 15 in the world and this is the only one in the southern hemisphere.

For those interested please contact me in the normal manner.

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And I'll bet bottom dollar ten of those are in Formula 1

Ron Earp

I did some business with them 1.5 years ago and they are good - I'd go back to them. If they can get one to fit it might be a cheap alternative. Mark W., did you ever determine if your car had been fitted with one? I was told that Bob did it but never had proof.
Mark W., did you ever determine if your car had been fitted with one? I was told that Bob did it but never had proof.

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My 016 box is fitted with a 3.89 ring & pinion from a Porsche 944. As I understand it, the Porsche 944 Turbo got the 3.37 final drive ratio. This is what Bob Lawrence told me when he sold me the kit, but I have never veriefied it.