New Diff Ratios available for OI6

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company
Et all,

I have just got back from a specialist manufacturer with a TEN axis machining center. They have agreed to build me new diff ratios for the Audi OI6 5 speed box so many of us use. The final drive will go to 3.11 : 1 and this is an improvement of about 20% on the original ratios. This will make ALL the gears usefull. A set of calculations are also being done to calculate the increase in strength because of the new ratios and I will pass on the results as soon as they are available.

I am just so pleased to offer this modification as the normally available AAZ or 5N gearboxes will not run your car to insane speeds and the engine will run at real slow speeds while highway driving.

Just in case you think that you can go to the nearest industrial park and find one of these machines, there are only 15 in the world and this is the only one in the southern hemisphere.

For those interested please contact me in the normal manner.

Best wishes,


Ron Earp

This is fantastic news, I'll be in contact as well. Nice work on that, it really helps out your customers and those using the Getrag box. Thanks,

Great news Robert.
Assuming the pricing is reasonable, I would imagine
this will become a very popular item!
We'll be watching for more details.


Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Good On You, Robert!!!

What excellent news for the Audi users and a technical coup for Roaring Forties! I always new the RFs were in the very short list of top GT40 providers, but this kind of effort has to put you on the top of anyone's list, not doubt!


Rick Merz

Lifetime Supporter
Very well done Robert! This is the type of problem that should be handled by a manufacturer not the builder. You identified a problem with the gearbox that the majority of your customers are using and came up with a viable solution. Kudos to you! I am also aware that you have tackled other opportunities as well in the interest of customer satisfaction. This speaks volumes about your commitment to your customers and the GT40 community.
Robert is now travelling so he won't be able to respond for awhile. We haven't released any specs as yet but will certainly give out all and any available info as we progress.
Is there a specific question you have that I might be able to help you with ?

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
No projected prices at this time. All I know is Robert has talked to them and they have agreed to do the work. I suspect Robert will want to wait and make sure the costs are final before we put a price on them.
I'm as anxious as you guys. I can't wait. I know this will really make a better transaxle for the GT and several other types of cars that use the 016.

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Like everyone else I am wondering what the projected price will be and when they will be available. I am working on a project to build several cars with the 016 transaxle and these gears will really improve this installation.
HiGuys, May be you can help me,I have recently bought a 016 Quatrro for my project, it will be rear engined, with the 016 driving the rear wheels from the side flanges, i planned to run a transfer case off the rear of the 016 to a diff up front to get 4wd, i have read just about every Audi site but can't find out where most of the drive will go, or what percentage will go where, will it be to the rear or the front, the 016 doesn't appear to have a diff lock, it has a vacumm switch arrangement at the rear that pushes a rod in and out.
I guess to turn 4wd on and off, but it does't seem to make any difference, if the input shaft is turned in gear the side flanges and rear output turns at the same time, any help appreciated.

It has been a looooong time since I had one apart, but if I remember right, the output shaft that you plan on sending to the front is actually just driven by a normal open differential. So as long as all 4 wheels have traction, they all get the same power. When 1 wheel is in "in the air" (assuming this is some sort of off-road buggy) you will go nowhere. Why not just weld this diff (again, assuming this is some sort of off-road buggy)
If you are going to install the 016 in a rear engine position won't you have 5 reverse speeds and 1 forward? The 016 works in a mid-engine position because the engine is in front of the transaxle in the original installation in the Audi 5000.