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I'm an "intruder" from Italy who likes Alfa Romeo ;););)
Looking around for RBT transmissions contact I have found your forum and I've decided to subscribe because GT40 is a very nice car and it was manufactured in the same years of some Alfa Romeo I'm interested in.
I'm mad about historical mechanical technology and looking around for Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale brakes I have read that Ing. Busso (the man who designed the Alfa "Busso" engine") "discovered" performances and reliability of brake discs during a trip in USA.
From that moment he introduced discs in Alfa cars....
I know that car technology had a cross-ocean development in those years.
Anyway I'm looking for gearboxe and I know gt40 uses quite the same Zf I need for my Alfa.
I've been trying to contact RBT without any lucky.
I hope the forum-people could help me !

Ian Anderson

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I have read you need to call as the owner dies not do too much with e mail.

you could try Quaife in the U.K. as they make a similar box that can supposedly be swapped fro a ZF