New Quaife gearbox tested in GT40

Mike Pass

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From Quaife:-
Quantum gearbox gets put through it's paces at Brands Hatch

We are very pleased to announce that our testing day last week at Brands Hatch was a huge success. The new Transaxle gearbox from our Quantum range was fitted to the GM LS V8 engined 450 Bhp Quaife GT40 last month and has been road testing ever since. After a very good shake down it's first outing on the track was a roaring success when we handed it over to GP2 driver Adrian Quaife-Hobbs. Adrian spent most of the day testing the gearbox at speed and we were delighted to see it performing so well.
We will continue to test the entire range over the coming months but in the mean time, why not come and see the gearbox for yourself on our stand at Autosport International Show at the NEC in Birmingham 8th - 11th January 2015.

Video of the test

They also have a new batch of the ZFQ gearbox.
Quaife ZF Transaxle back by popular demand! - Quaife

The Quaife GT40 is the Linden Green Southern GT built by Martin Gough (see Southern GT No8 build log) which he sold to Quaife which they are using as their development car.

Definitely pushes fwd for downshifts & back for upshifts which is true sequential. Will possibly have a grooved rotary drum in selector box on side of trans, not unlike the setup on most modern bikes. Take it you guys noticed the shift position indicator mounted on lower LH of dash panel.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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As I read the release this is a new sequential box and NOT the ZFQ which is referenced elsewhere with a list of improvements.

For our US customer is there a representative for warranty and parts for the ZFQ in the US? We have customer who are interested but want to know they have support here and don't need to ship the box to the UK for repairs, etc.


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Its very straightforward. The video is for the new Quaife Sequential Shift Quantum box and the other link was for the upgraded new batch of ZFQ standard H pattern boxes. Perhaps Dennis Olthoff may be involved in US distribution? I know not but for those of you with word blindness here is the braille version....

Contact details:

RT Quaife Engineering Ltd

Vestry Road
Kent TN14 5EL
United Kingdom
Tel:+44 (0)1732 741144
Fax:+44 (0)1732 741555
Email: [email protected]

Randy V

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And a very busy driver.
Boy that's no kidding!!!! :shocked:
That car was loose on both ends, power on or off... Suggest that they do a tad bit more work on setup and get some real tires on that car!!

Good to see that they're actively working on the development of that box unlike another which seems to be on again/off again... :lipsrsealed:


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I've raced that circuit many times, the 'Indy' circuit is not really suited to 'big bangers' with a lap coming up sub 50 seconds for that ilk. The part where he gets a bit 'squirrelly' is Druids Hairpin - a nasty off camber slippery SOB.

I don't think there's anything wrong with his set up particularly but the car does have a lot of grunt. Gearbox sounds sweet but to me, completely out of place in a '40, but there again, the car is only a test bed.

Lap record is held by Scott Mansell in a Euroboss F1 car @ 38 seconds..

Quick PS: In hindsight, the circuit is perfect for testing gearboxes AND brakes!
Actually it WAS Dennis that raised the question with me! This is not meant to dis Quaife in any way, just that a US based parts/repair source would go a long way towards helping sales.
Taylor Race Engineering in Plano,Texas services Quaife gearboxes along with Hewlands and Staffs. Don't know specifically if they handle ZFQ's, but they are very reputable in the racing community. Perhaps a factory relationship could be arranged for warranty service.

Mike Pass

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I am at the NEC Autosport Show tomorrow so I will visit the Quaife stand and get the latest info and hopefully some pics.