New RCR transaxle?

Fran Hall RCR

The 5 speed is the best fit for an RCR40 ,transaxle is priced at $8300 including a bellhousing I mentioned 4 posts prior...
Specs are listed on our Griffin site

There are multiple mounting locations integrated into the transaxle case, the shifter is a side shift location..

It is not going to be a "drop in" option for an SPF ...and neither is the T44 for that matter...

And as this is the RCR section and we have a few more models available than just our RCR40 replicas...wink

Randy V

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Great info Fran - Now I have a target to shoot for as soon as I get fully moved into the new house and shop.

31 spline axles are included.
Comes with a 2 pinion open differential - but there is the
widest array of differentials ever made available in a transaxle.
Includes the option of a Ford LS Differential.

Makes me wonder if the differential is either Ford 8.8" or 9" based?

Our 2010 Camaro racecar is in serious need of a good Torson type differential - I'm wondering if they will be expanding into that market as well..

Thanks again! :thumbsup:

Seymour Snerd

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And as this is the RCR section and we have a few more models available than just our RCR40 replicas...wink
I guess I'm not quite getting the marketing message and positioning....

Are you actively marketing these gearboxes for non-RCR applications? IOW do you see yourselves as being in competition with RBT, Quaife-ZFQ, Mendeola, Hewland, etc?

Or do you see it as mostly an extension of the RCR product line?

BTW, I'm not asking from the point of view of my current SPF project; that train has left. I'm thinking about other chassis and my own future projects.

When you say "the five speed" are you referring to the 950 4+1 or the 950 SS or the 950 Race?

I also see something like 7 differential options in addition to the standard open ones; is there pricing and availability on those?

The site also lists ratio options but no information on pricing.

And in general there is no information on deposits, order process, delivery times, etc.

And to get serious I would need drawings etc. to tell me how the things are going to mount and where they will fit.

If I'm asking too many questions at this time that's fine. Just let me know when that kind of actionable information is or weill be available.

Fran Hall RCR

We have all the internals in stock ready to install and the new cases are being readied.

These boxes are available to anyone wanting to purchase one..

When we are ready to sell them into the market place you will all be made aware.

In post #77 of this thread , I do actually say that the 4+1 5 speed box is the $8300 box and bellhousing.

Individual customers will be able to choose from a wide range of options as you see...when you want to "get serious" as you say, contact us directly with your choices and we can quote accordingly... most ratios are a no cost option.

To your reference as competition to other campanies...we are just bringing another option to the market place....and ALL American made one at that.
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Seymour Snerd

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....and the new cases are being readied.

These boxes are available ...

When we are ready to sell them ...

In post #77 of this thread , I do actually say that the 4+1 5 speed box is the $8300 box and bellhousing.
Sorry I still don't get it: the cases are not ready, the boxes are available, you're not ready to sell them but you'll tell us when you are. I'm just trying to figure out when I should start paying close attention to this as a product alternative to be considered in a real project, or when GT40-buying friends ask for advice, etc. I usually don't do so until it's easy to understand the options, prices, availability, installation issues, etc. "Call us up to find out" is a little too "early-adopter" for me on what is likely a $10K+ purchase so I just want to know when we'll be beyond that stage.

Re the 4+1: My confusion which I did not express correctly was that I asked about a box for a GT40, your responded with the 4+1 and its price, but it is rated at 450 "pounds per foot" which seems marginal for a typical GT40 application. (BTW a 450 pound per foot transaxle weighs more than my iron block FE :eek:).

Fran Hall RCR

you asked if they were for RCR applications/products and my response was that they are available to anyone wanting to buy one....alluding to "not just RCR product owners..."

If you are going to quote me, please make sure to include the full context, so as nobody gets confused .

I said we have all the gears and shafts and we are awaiting the cases...obviously they are not ready for sale yet...we are not taking deposits...I also said when they become available I will let you all know....meaning I will let you know when we are "at that stage" as you put it...

This is all pretty self explanatory and uncomplicated really...

Anyone putting more than 450ft/lbs into a GT40 (and thats a very conservative number for the trans to take), will probably be more than prepared to step upto one of the other boxes....we will not quote a number that is marginal and then have someone drop 600hp/600ft/lbs in front of it and break it and then come back to us to complain...(although I really do know it will handle much more but we will never recommend it for such).......its called covering ones arse in the UK.

Having options is always a good thing...

The billet cases have been done for six months .. if you fancy one right now...:thumbsup:

Test boxes are to be used in controlled environments ..such as the race tracks and on the dyno...and they are test units owned by us...not customers.
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Fran, can you expand on the compatibility with current transaxles as far as mount points? Judging by the photos of the billet case it looks like a modular affair that can accommodate various mounting ears. My car is set up for DG300/ZF/Q. Thanks for the info.

BTW forum members, I've been emailing DeLynn at Griffin and he seems like a stand up guy.

Fran Hall RCR

Hi Joe,

Lovely car you are building BTW.

Delynn is indeed a stand up chap...

There are mounting locations on both sides and top/bottom of the box...

Its not a drop in that uses any existing mounts from any other box....but with all the pick up points we have incorporated , the transaxle will be easily accomodated by a ZF/ZF-Q style top mount or something similar on the Hewland..

The side mounts allow it to be installed with a Pantera style side mount too...
Thanks for the clarification Fran, and the nice compliment. Good thinking putting all those mount points throughout the case. This information along with the horsepower/torque rating listed on the site helps tremendously with my decision. I am confident this will be a successful transaxle offering and I for one am very excited that I can choose a gearbox that won't leave me guessing as to whether it is going to handle my weight/tire/torque and horsepower combo.
Fran disregard my Trans question in my last email LOL .

I assume the griffin trans will work just fine for my motor.:)

Fran Hall RCR

Ford mod bellhousing is essentially same as SBF bolt pattern.

Chevy flywheel, clutch ,Hi torque starter
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Fran Hall RCR

We got some new parts this week and have another meeting next week refining some supplier components further.
We are not going to be drawn into a release date as many of us know that leads to a lot of speculation....suffice to say we are excited to be able to bring this to market when its ready.