New Team Mechanic

Well at the rate I manage to build my GTDRS/SouthernGT he should be about ready to be my mechanic when I finish it.

Baby Carwyn born this morning :D

The onyl problem is now I have two boys and only one passenger seat in the future :shy:


Congrats to you and the (bigger) family! When they get older they will figure out the two seat dilemma (by leaving you home).
Regards, Bill


Yo! Nice one Mr Brett, Mrs Brett not forgetting Baby Brett... :thumbsup:

Hope you're back in the garage now mate...:)
Congratulation Brett, and Mrs Brett. Great name!

I thought I would get more time as the kids got a little older, but it hasn't happened. Now the 12 year old needs ferrying round everywhere!

So get back in that garage NOW!
Thanks All,
Yes getting readjusted to sleepless nights and nappy changes is well, er yes, leave it at that :)

At least the good weather seems to have appeared for my paternity leave...

Andy, I'm waiting for you to come down and help me... plus you need to pick up that tool you wanted to borrow :)