NOT GT40 - Mid-Engine V8 Corvair Build

Hello, New to the forum and I'm getting great ideas for my mid0engine V8 Corvair build with a Porsche Boxster S transaxle and Corvette C4 rear suspension. Here's a couple pix before it came back from the bodyshop.
LF 3-4.jpg
RF 3-4.jpg
Some small progress has been accomplished. The transaxle is mated to the Corvette engine and a drivetrain cart has been fabricated to ease lifting it in and lowering it out of the car. A pic is included showing approximate positioning in the car, and the C4 rear suspension has been bought and dissected. I'm about ready to start cutting the body after a few more measurements, cleaning off unneeded underbody 'stuff' and final layout design work. Should have it lifted into place and maybe some crossmembers added by Thanksgiving.



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Are yo gonig to go for the "luggage" box look in the back seat area?
Looks like you have a good start there.
One of the best looking body shapes mated to one of the best engines on the planet, man you have good taste. Will be watching this build.


Larry L.

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That's going to be a FUN ride!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

('Friend of mine built one about a thousand years ago ['even used the Corvair transaxle!] and has been sorry he sold it ever since.)


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I did a Crown Corvair conversion many, many years ago. Used the Saganaw with a different input shaft if I remember correctly.