Porsche 908/910 project

Hello to all
I'm looking for complet body kitcar for a 906
i'm sorry if I disturb those posts but I found only complete 906 cars, but not fiberglas and plexiglass windscreen alone
i'm sure there's a factory in England or somewhere who can supply only the body panel, with no frame supension etc
Thanks a lot for help
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John Wisher is half way through building up those uprights for my next build a 908. I have the bodywork and wheels. The uprights should be ready in a few weeks.
Regards Martin
Hi Chris! I am continuing to layout the 908 front suspension in CAD. Frame wireframe CAD is basically all roughed in. Using the wonderful 908 cast uprights I purchased from you , known 908 track dimensions from Paul Frere' book, along with dimensions from Rennsport III 908's allowed me to locate the uprights x,y,z. A CAD module of the 908 front lower a-arm from Eric S. in California was a key enabler. Will you be offering the hubs/spindles for sale to go along with the uprights?

Jim Dunham
There was a 906 transmission on Ebay several months ago that sold for big $$$. You could also post a classified "wanted" ad on PelicanParts.com. There's a lot of Porsche guys on that website. Someone may know where one is. For my 906, I'm using a 914 transmission with LSD. It's close enough for me.

Beautiful job on the uprights! They look great!
Hi Chris,
Do you have a catalogue or list of components and prices for the parts you have available for sale?
You can send me a PM