Porsche 908/910 project

hi Guys

as some of you will remember from last year I got hold of a Porsche 908 body, well things are still progressing with this project and here are pic's of the chassis.




Like it like it...what lump would that take?

As a matter of interest, any of these Classic rear engined Porkers take the 928 lump? :eek:

Fran Hall RCR

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No watercooled V8's...
if thats your poison pick a Chevy LSx as its lighter and more powerful...and a whole lot cheaper
I am going with the 3.6 flat six Porsche motor with twin triple weber's, remember this car weighs only around 1500 lbs which give's it a great power to weight ratio.
See the film of the 1969 Le mans to see why I had to have the Porsche as well as the GT40.

It was the greatest GT endurance race of all time with the GT40 and Porsche swapping position's on the final lap and crossing the line just 70 feet apart after 24 hours of hard racing.




Awesome project! I'd love to get a body like that and build my own custom chassis for it. Where did you find the body?

Here is some info on another 910 build that was completed and featured in Excellence Porsche magazine a while back. There are a few posts by the builder in the thread too.

Pelican Parts Technical BBS - 910 clone!
Nice detail Chris
Raw and back to basics I like it.
The first pic (rear suspension) the tube work running vertical is that the chassis as it looks like alloy going by the welds.
I was under the assumption it was a steel space frame.
Or am I looking at something not chassis.

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Hi Jim

The first three pictures in grey is our prototype 910 chassis made in steel from original drawings. The photos of the rear suspension is of an original alloy chassis from I believe a 908/3.
We are going with steel for street and track use with 1.5mm wall thickness for extra strength, the original frame on the 910 was only 0.75mm wall thickness.
We hope to make the 910 and 908 available as a turnkey minus ready to take a 911 engine and trans.




Wow...that is one great video Chris and what a car!

1100lbs and 350 hp? That's a rocketship for sure but I would want to be at least 1' shorter than I am. It is incredible how light they built those things and I would love to drive something like that but wouldn't fancy a head-on into the armco - no sir....

That kind of power to weight ratio really does it for me. I wish I was 35 years younger!



I am a new member ot the forum.

i am found of everything about the PORSCHE 908.

did the BILL HOOK 'car is the car you assembled with the new chassis ?

is it the same car in white ?

did your chassis is new or has it a number ?

thanks to your reply.
Hi Gerard

I am making a replica 908 we made the chassis from original drawings and have body moulds to make original pattern bodies. I am getting the uprights patterned also ready to make new ones. The car will be fitted with Porsche 911 flat six and G15 trans.


PS.The photo taken of the Hook 908 car was at Le Mans classic this year.
thanks CHRIS.

Do you have any idea about the white 908 in photo

and the car of B.HOOK? is -it the same car ?

any idea about the chassis's number ?

best salutations.