RCR's Next car should be.....

Site says it "We are sorry- the configurator is offline while we upgrade it. In the meantime, please call the factory directly at 586-329-1573 if you have any questions about configuring your car." right now. Maybe the are updating for a new car?!?!?

Thinking about how to produce it. The wheelbase on the first is 98ish and SLC 104 so close enough I would think. Use the SLC chassis and rolling chassis and make the GT1 body. You could use real porsche doors, hood, headlights, tailights, turn signals, window glass, etc. This would make the manufacturing process much easier for Fran. I would buy this for sure as it is my favorite car ever.

FRAN ...here u go ...a RACE CAR REPLICA ....I would buy this in a heart beat