RCR's Next car should be.....

Randy V

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How about this one?

Mercedes Benz Lotec C1000

If you've been considering dropping $452,750 on a new Mercedes SLR McLaren but were worried the thousand or so other SLR's in existence may detract from your own supercar's exclusivity, eBay has another option that may be exactly what you're looking for.

Originally created for a United Arab Emirates citizen who desired to own the fastest, individually owned car in the world (or so the rumors say), the vehicle pictured is the product of a joint development between Mercedes and Lotec. Highlights include a light-weight carbon fiber body, 1000 horsepower 5.6 Liter V8 with Garrett twin turbo chargers, a Hewkand 5-speed racing transmission and 4 Ram AP IMSA racing brakes. The result is a Mercedes supercar capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, 0-125 mph in 8.08 seconds, and reaching a top speed of 268 mph. As for exclusivity, it's the only one in existence.

If you're interested, bidding starts at a mere $350,000, with the reserve not met.

For more info, you can view a number of photos below, or head over to eBay for the full auction listing.

eBay Motors: Mercedes-Benz (item 4637642928 end time May-15-06 10:17:34 PDT)

I think I'd take a number to get in line for this one... rockonsmile

Comeon Fran - What do you think?

Fran Hall RCR

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If you ever get the chance to read about how bad that thing drove and how many times it needed repair with so few miles on the clock, you may not want us to replicate it too cloely....:)


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Yikes, Hold up on them molds Fran ;) This is the cool thing about this list is the diverse styles people love, except of course the timeless beauty of the GT40 :).


Randy V

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Okay - I can see that my taste in cars / design varies from some...

Remember that when it came out the GT40 was scoffed at by the "purists" as a hideous looking machine and surely no good will ever come of it...

Facts being what they are - the GT40 ushered into existance the era of the Supercar and it still remains today as the benchmark...

The Lotec has many design features that I really like - some that I'm not enamoured with..

Be that as it may - There's a really good reason that Henry Ford lost a lot of money in 1933. Chevrolet was offering cars in colors other than Black...

Fran - Skip it... (as if you would have ever considered it anyways)

Thanks guys...
It would ride better if you replaced the flat-spotted tyres. Fran could you do a space frame version? It's a bit basic for a monocoque.

Seriously, I've always liked the little Lola that inspired the GT40. The roof line tends to be a bit "bread van", but it is so small and low that it works for me. A modest size engine in a Lola replica would seem an interesting and unusual project to me.


Dave Wood

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I, also have a little different taste...I think a Mustang I (the original mid-engine show car) would be hot. You could base it around a Taurus powertrain, with a SHO set up it should fly.
Has anyone ever thought of building a replica of say, Jim Clark's F1 Lotus Cosworth? Maybe its just my love of race cars of the 60s, but I reckon that its one of the most beautiful looking F1 cars of all time, but its still such a simple car that I think a kit could be offered at very competitive price. And what an easy build it would be for a first time kit builder. And then you would have one of Colin Chapman's finest sitting in your garage. With a Cosworth engine if you really wanted to be accurate (I think that they are still available aren't they???), but any small quad-cam V8 engine could be used for the budget builder. I know that it would only be useful as a track car, but so would the 962.

What do you think Fran? Would there be a market for something like that? The first company to offer one would have the whole market to themselves.


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