Road trip around LA area

Hi there
All going well, my brother and I will be in and around LA from the 6th of Nov to the 10th of Nov and are looking for Ideas on what to go see. Car stuff is hi on the list along with some air museums. What else could we do.
Your suggestions are welcome.
PS I would love to have gone to the Mathews collection or the Chaparrel museum but they are too far away.
Thanks for fits in perfectly . SEMA in LV 3rd and 4th then Willow Springs.
Funny thing is I bought a car on line last month from Missouri so could have driven it across to LA as a road trip if I had known this trip was on.


You might think about going to the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar, CA. It is a fine car museum and across the street is the second part of the museum.