Scammed out of money for parts

So 2 weeks ago I put a listing up here for door parts, was contacted by a Brian Wood who linked me to Tash Holmes. Made me use Zelle as a means to pay him, should of been a red flag then. Now neither of them are answering their emails. And surprise surprise Zelle won't reimburse. Watch out for these two.
And just a followup, I've found a Brian wood signed up on other performance car websites just in the last several weeks. Probably goes to these sites, see who has needs and takes their money.

Randy V

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Please post up names and email addresses so we can be watching for them...
Very sorry you were taken. It seems to be happening a lot these days!!
I've found out her name and all her aliases, she or one of her family members goes to performance car discussion sites. The email she uses is tash holmes or a variant of that

Larry L.

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According to Google Maps, this is her residence:

If you pan LEFT and scroll over to the "T" intersection a few yards away...across the road you'll see the proverbial 'railroad tracks' she must be on the wrong side of.

Good luck... :rolleyes:
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seems to be a pretty common scam at the moment - I posted twice on LotusTalk looking for parts - receive a PM from one member telling me "oh, so-n-so has them, email them at..." and then it goes from there... and a few other members posted similar experiences over there... so yeah, be careful out there, stick to payment methods that give buyer protection (i've been too trusting myself in the past as well)