Scott T's build - Safir GT40

I lost track of this thread when it was moved Scott. Good to see it is still progressing. Glad to hear another car is back with the living.

Stephen Ducker

GT40P-1098 MARK V



Delivery Date: February 1986
Chassis Plate: JW Engineering
Chassis: Fabricated Zintec-coated Steel Monocoque
Chassis Colour: British Leyland Cumulus Grey
Body Fuel Capacity: Two Tanks, Each 14.4 US Gallon with twin fillers
Body Colour: Red
Body Style: Coupe
Body Material: Fiberglass
Side Stripes: White
Racing Stripes: NA
Motor: 289 Cu. In. 4.7 L. Mathwall with race cam. 450 BHP
Oil System: Wet Sump
Carburation: 4 Weber 48 IDA
Heads: 289
Clutch: AP Racing Twin Disc. Hydraulic Activated
Transmission: ZF 5DS25/2 5 Speed Limited Slip 4.22 Final Drive
Shocks: Spax aluminium adjustable
Brakes Front: AP 12 X 1.1 Inch Disc Vented. Four Piston racing Caliper
Brakes 12 X 1.1 Inch Disc Vented. Four Piston racing Caliper
Wheels Front: 15" X 8" six spoke BRM. Magnesium
Wheels Rear: 15" X 10" six spoke BRM. Magnesium
Tyres Front: 430/1160/15 Cross ply Dunlop Racing Tyres CR82
Tyres Rear: 530/1500/15 Cross ply Dunlop Racing Tyres CR82
well it been a moment and the trip has been favorableish...... I know not a real word. So, the update of Lani, she is really coming together. Running post sleep for 28 years, Webbers rebuilt, breaks rebuilt, shiny new Konis Race prepared, new clevis, new break ducts, net Willins seat belts, new Goodyear Race tires mounted, rebuilt entire pedals/brake system. That's all good, whats bad, well HSR has advised she MUST have a fuel cell, every try to pick one of those up at the local shop? not easy, not cheep and seemingly ever version has a different twist. Mark V is no exception. Till those are installed, I am grounded to track days and shake down with to come.
mornin all, Lani has news. Well she is alive, ready, willing and able to hit the track, well sort of. HSR will not let her race without fuel cells, something about death and fire they say. Otherwise she is full of life. New Willans belts, fire system, Koni's, Goodyear's, you get it. All the awakening went well. New fluids, rebuilt Webbers, new water pump, new Gerlings, rebuilt AP racing calipers. We plan a shake down in the next 30 days. Lani has never even seen a track, to say she (really me) is beside herself with excitement is an understatement. She will wear number 13, the story later why. GT40P-1098 LIVES!!!!!
Merry Christmas to all, Lani is all but ready for the track. A few minor bits here and there and she will be ready. In fact she is back on the ground, on the scales, getting final set up etc, for the track. Likely will be at Roebling soon for shake down. Can not say enough, Carden Motorsports has spent months and been very slow and patient (in a good way) waking this car up after 28 years of sleep. I now have video of her first fire after 28 years etc, and will figure that out how to share it over the holiday.

Jim Rosenthal

Very glad to see this lovely car getting woken up, like Sleeping Beauty. How long have you owned her? I am late to all this, I have been off the forum for a few years.

Jim Rosenthal

In my car, since I am not a good enough driver to attempt track days, we went with aluminum alloy tanks in the sponsons. Fuel cells are some kind of crazy expensive. I get why they insist on them, but they cost like the devil.

I recall pricing those brakes when we were putting 1149 together. The four calipers from AP were $8000. We used something else.....
long story short, I became her custodian in June this year. About 1 month later she went to Casey Carden Motorsports in Georgia (yes thats a free advert as they are really good and fair priced) and she was slowly and very properly awaken post 28 years of not running. We had to actually drag the car into the trailer. At some point I will load the videos and many photos of all this as I know many will get joy. I always thought those barn find stories were bull chit, well no, some may be true. she is GT40p 1098. I have had many helpers in this process, Steve Haskins, Doug Kirk, Ellis Hubbard, Bob Wood to mention a few that I owe. Poor Doug has sustained hours of stupid calls from me....The delay in getting her on the track when I believe she longs to be has been frustrating, not because of Carden Motorsports, but the bits and pieces (now the dang fuel cells) that have been the hunt challenge as I made sure to try to be close to true spec/or the modern version due to safety and better reliability etc.


Scott, I was hoping to see this beauty at the Classic 24 in November. Now hoping to see it in glorious track action in 2021...!! :cool:
well Lani is ready for her new voyage and as the curator of what I hope will become a new favorite for many to enjoy, I am pleased to announce on January 23 and 24 at Roebling Road, Savanna Georgia, her shake down and test is set. The path of finding her, getting her awakened and now her next step to the track (where I believe she belongs)has been exciting. I am retaining a proper film professional to document and we hope to provide a video for all to enjoy. I have collected up many photos of her, even when she was delivered in England, and will have those in the video I hope. Given the You Tube world is so visible, likely it will be presented there and of course we will post here as well. For now, I owe many thanks to many that have been so helpful and willing to provide their time and knowledge. Doug Kirk, Ellis Hubbard, Bob Wood are saints...... You are welcome to come to the track day as my guest and please bring the kids. I am not sure how the event is run, but as a track day most here in the USA allow rides. If all goes well, and the car runs (we all know how a shake down and first run can be) I hope to take a few for fun laps...... Scott t
Finally, God bless Lamont and Joni Johnson for this blessing. The name Lani came to me by combining the first two and last two letters in their names.
well deep dark news for Lani and me. The engine is all clogged up with something that is not allowing water to actually flow. They finally had her down and trying to drive her getting ready for the shake down and realized there is a issue. If anyone has a miracle hail mary that gets gunk in an engine that has sat for 28 years to flow water, please feel free to share. Otherwise, engine out, engine apart, engine rebuilt.... not a happy Scott t


Run into that on MG T series, best to tear down and refresh.. you will probably find crud on valves and goop pm piston rings. A good clean, reseal is not much money but the labor is the gotcha. Then you run the slippery slope since labor is a given, you get into, might as well fix this, replace that.....
well folks, the engine is out and now will be sent to a proper engine shop for tear down, bath, rebuild and freshen up. We had been very optimistic because when the mechanic removed the heads and rebuilt the Webbers, everything looked as if it was like new. That said, better to determine no proper water flow in a parking lot of a race shop than say like 150 MPH down the front straight of Roebling Road with a screaming Gurney Weslake 289 about 1 foot away from your head........
been a moment since I wrote, primarily because we had so many developments, engine drama. We were ready we thought for a shake down of Lani. However, the day they were to load on the transporter they called and said the water was not flowing through the block. As a reminder, she was sleeping for 28 years. I said to pull the engine, get to a race engine shop and lets take it apart and do the rebuild. We were thinking we would avoid. Well, what a development. I learned the engine was built out of old stock that Stewart Matheison had (he built it himself) and the heart of Lani is very unique, has rare bits and special. The debate began to refresh, rebuild, museum it, race etc. As one can imagine many folks got involved with opinions. I decided I will not waiver and the engine will be refreshed for racing, I will have built a second engine that I will call a hybrid. The lower chunks all new stuff, from the heads up Gurney Weslake, Weber etc. Some day we intend on making a video for You Tube that takes us all through the path of her finding, awakening and racing...where she shall scream with one very special voice.

Scott t
Well gents, I picked up Lani a year ago. She has been suffering from the effects of covid in sorts. The day before she was to go to Savannah for her shake down (this was a few months ago) the mechanic called with news that her water was not flowing as expected. Not wishing to take any chances, we pulled the engine and some good/not good news. I have confirmed very rare bits, but some bits needed replacing. As such, the heads up will be original with a few changes, the block and internals down will all be new stuff. The covid part, well the world seems to still be very behind on bits delivery. We have planed on July/August shake down. Will keep you up to date. I have a film/sound crew to film and record etc.
well its been now a tad over 1 year. The path to here has been emotional, educational, expensive and in general, wouldnt change it at all. The awakening of Lani after 28 years of sleep has presented me with not unanticipated surprises and the education has been a steep learning curve. The engine has now been rebuilt by a race shop. I have many things to say about them, but will hold my water for the right place and time. I have many pictures, videos etc and plan on a proper video on a likely You Tube platform so many folks can enjoy the story, the path and see her in her now race face. I think (now the third effort) she will have her track debut next weekend at Road Atlanta. I have a film crew planed to document this for folks to enjoy and meet Lani, me, the family etc. For now, many of you have likely had such a path, but for me its a dream come true. I am a racer, she belongs on a track and hope her life has changed forever for the better.