Seat Covering materials

Anyone cover their own seats? If so what materials did you consider for use and what did you end up using? Right now I am leaning towards Aramid or Nomex. The current disadvantage to Nomex being that I can't find yardage for sale, while the Aramid is available by the foot or yard in a variety of weights.

The interior of our car will utilize fabric in only three areas, the seats, the shift boot and a boot where the steering column passes through the front bulkhead and I intend to use the same fabric for all.

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Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

Have you said somewhere what other materials you will be using for the interior of the car in areas other than these three? (Door panels, floor covering, dash, firewall, etc)

Without regard to trying to coordinate other aspects of the interior and reflecting my preference for natural products:

Split Leather

Hi Lynn,

I will be using fabric for three pieces of the interior, the seats, shifter boot and the boot on the steering column where it passes thru the front bulkhead. Other than harnesses, that's rugs, no door panels, no headliner, no dash covering. .........although I do appreciate leather, it wil be out of place in this application.

There is a Fire Fighters safety garment company nearby that I may ask about nomex, I could probably use their trimmings to get what I need.

Hey Brian,

I'm headed down the same street as you and book marked this site - might be decent enough - Woven Twill Fire-resistant Fabric Manufacturer, Exporter : Neolite International Co. Ltd

Woven Twill Fire-resistant Fabric, Made of Oxidized Fiber and P-Aramid
Model Number:I-WT-013
ey Specifications/Special Features:

* Composition: oxidized fiber and P-Aramid
* Yarn count: 20's/1 x 20's/1
* Weaving density: 88 x 66 per inch
* Width: 60 inches
* Weight: 183g/square meter
* Characteristics:
o Inherently fire-resistant, no fire-resistant finishing treatment, FR property won't be washed off nor affected by repeated washings
o Endures direct flame spray, no dripping, no fire spreading, no melting or curving, no burning through, and excellent heat insulation
o Protection against acids, alkalis and chemicals
o High breaking and tensile strength, abrasion resistance, long durability
* Applications: ideal for unique work uniform, safe protection, industrial uses, interior decoration, fire fighter's suits and other
* applications

# Complies with CNS 10285 A4, BS5852, BS 7176, NFPA 1971, NFPA 701 fire-resistant standards

What kind of UV stability do these materials have? I'm buiding an open top car, and I don't want the material to degrade within 3 years of completion.

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Just what I needed Brett!!! Many thanks. Now why couldn't I find that stuff....
Well I could offer a load of options for you on that Brian ;) I was lucky I remembered seeign the two line item tucked away in the DT catalogue, otherwise my other searches drew a blank like yours. Guess there is so much info out there in Googleland now, unless you can start to be very specific you may never find what you are looking for :confused: