Slc exhaust

I’m putting together a realistic budget for ordering and building this car. I’m up to the exhaust. Any idea. What a good estimate would be for a titanium. Or stainless tuned exhaust. I most likely will go with. A ls 7. Twin turbo from NRE. APPOX 1500 hp. 1475. Tq. I hope the traction controL system Joel recommend does the job controlling the tire spin. Thanks again Joel. Any I put will be appreciated. This will be a street car. Not track.
My SLC's stainless exhaust (headers through tips) was about $3,500-$4,000 to do, can't remember exactly
My 917's titanium exhaust (headers through tips) was about $20,000.

Titanium's cool and all that, but um, yea, next time I stick w/ stainless.