To all customers and friends I would like to thank you all for your support over the years in helping make Southerngt the success it has become I am now going to retire at the end of the year and let the business carry on with Neil and John of AK sports cars who have purchased the company.The chassis and its parts will still be made to SGT specifications and I will still be available even after the take over if anybody needs to contact me . Best wishes to you all from Carol and Mick.


Congratulations Mick. I hope I can get my chassis out of customs before you retire:D Port of Houston is a bit slow to say the least.
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Mike Pass

Happy retirement Mick. Time to take a rest now after a job well done. Good to see your creation will live on in new hands. I trust you will still be around for a chat and for us to pick your brains!

Randy V

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Congratulations Mick!
Welcome to the weeks with 6 Saturday’s and a Sunday!
Enjoy your retirement MIck and I know your legacy is in safe hands with Neil, Jon and the team at AK Sportscars
What can I say, Mick has been very helpful from building a chassis to fit my engine, then at the end of a phone to give support or information to get me to the next level. Carol is also very welcoming any time I have been to their unit with coffee and biscuits. Enjoy retirement, but nice to hear you will still be contactable. Thanks again for all the help.
So the SGT will be the new the new AK40 in 2022.

We wish you both all the best. Enjoy all the free time. You both where very helpfull.

Best regards, JP & Linda, the Netherlands.
We still regred it we couldn't make it last time we where in the UK and the halfshaft came out on the M somewhere downhill on our way to you.

Brian Magee

Hi Mick. So Carol should have no problem getting you to have a holiday now !! - or is there a project in the garage at home waiting to be finished? Enjoy your retirement and hope to see you around. Come up to the Cart & Horses with Carol sometime.
Mick well done for taking an idea and passion from all those years ago and creating a brand that is renowned and respected worldwide. The very best of luck to you and Carol with future endeavours, you took an idea and made it happen, your cars will continue to be admired and appreciated, thank you


So I had heard correctly then!
Wish you a happy retirement and hopefully ill get my order in v shortly.

You will be missed no end! Hope you enjoy your well earned chill time!
Mick, I am so grateful to you for entrusting your 'baby' that is Southern GT to Jon and me. Here at AK we will strive to continue the excellence of your engineering and personal relationship skills to past, current and future customers. You have developed an enviable chassis design that we will continue to produce and I can only hope that the family of GT40 enthusiasts that you have encouraged will feel as confident and comfortable with Jon and I as they have done with you. As an ex Southern GT customer myself you will be a hard act to follow! Let me assure our 'family' that we we are planning no major changes to the product and services that you have offered to the GT40 community - why on earth would we want to change such a brilliant product?
Let me extend an open invitation to any past, present or prospective members of the family to contact me or visit our facility in Peterborough. You will find our contact details on the AK Sportscars website. You will always receive a warm welcome - the coffee is always on!
I would just like to disagree with all you kind and thoughtful people who have wished Mick and Carol a happy retirement. Not quite correct. Mick will continue to act as a consultant and mentor to Jon and me going forward. There is no way that we can allow Mick's wealth of knowledge and engineering skills to just drop out and Mick has generously agreed to continue to support us with an eye to an R&D role.
Finally, I would personally like to thank Mick and Carol for all the help and kindness they have shown me during my build and after as a friend. I can put my hand on my heart and reassure them both that Southern GT will continue and grow in its new incarnation as the AK40. Neil


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Hi Neil,
I wish you would keep the Southern GT brand name instead of calling it AK40 though.

Kind regs.


Just to add to the comments above, could not have worked on my build with a nicer team than SGT, even my at times daft questions were met with a solid response, always a pleasure to pop down for a catch up and put the world to rights, glad Mick you are not caravanning the whole time and will be about for more of my daft questions but I aim to get mine at least IVA'd before you pass the reins over nothing like a target

Brian Magee

I agree with Morten. I think it would be advantageous to have a something in the new name that gives a link to it's Southern GT heritage. Southern AK GT40 ?- just a suggestion.