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The stock gauges that come on the SPF show a redline of 6500 which is good for the Windsor, but about 1000 shy for the Coyote I'm using. I've been told that there is a "Superformance Electronic Guage Package" available as an upgrade that will let me adjust the indicated redline up, but since the stock guages are otherwise fine, does anyone know if a simple replacement tachometer can be ordered? Does Superformance use Speedhut or some other manufacturer?


Randy V

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If you’re not tracking or racing the car, I would just call it good…. More than likely, the peak power/torque of your Coyote will be below 6500 anyway….
The 351W motor that I’m installing in my car had a lower redline (6000 rpm) than the ”standard” 6500, so I specifically asked if there were any options, and was never given any definitive answer. The standard gauges are Smiths, and there were no options listed on the build sheet I was given.
I think the peak power for a Gen 3 Coyote (as installed in a Mustang) comes at 7000rpm according to Ford Motorsport, and if anything better breathing in the intake and exhaust won't move that down further.

I reached out to Superformance and was referred to Nisonger Instruments in NY (importer of Smith's guages used in the Superformance cars. I spoke with Peter who advised that he CAN have the face of the existing tach re-screened with a different redline. Cost was just under $100 but the turn-around is a good 6 weeks.

I may reach out to Olthoff and see if they have a take-off laying around that I can exchange when my chassis is delivered to him so we don't get caught up on the 6 week delay.

I believe Olthoff purchases their digital speedometers from Nisonger as well.