Stealth fighter Ducati TT

As i run my SR500 quite successfully in the CLASSIC 500 Class of the "Grab the flag" racing series, i decided to enter the big boys class, the "CLASSIC OPEN"
Allowed are bikes over 750 CC (twins, triples and more) up to 1981. A class dominated by some fast SEGALE, BIMOTA KAWAS and EDDIE LAWSON REPLICAS, but also some fast BMW´s and YAMAHA TR1´s. The KAWAs sport up to 1260cc and to 165 HP, also some >100 HP BMW are there
As all of this bikes are much to heavy for my taste or i don´t like to engine concept i decided to built a DUCATI TT REPLICA: Target is 100 RWHP and <140KG including Oíl. Thats the current status

Frame and bodywork has been built by a guy close to my place.

Airbox model has been built by myself, the actual part also by the manufacturer of the other bodyparts
Astralite racing wheels are available again, i got a set of the first production batch after more than 20 years.


Bike will be probably kept this way ( no paint at all). Kind of love that stealth fighter look and what is not on the bike can not weight anything.

first race is planned this year september

Astralite Wheels! I havent seen those since Freddy Spencer was racing a factory Honda :) And smart not to paint the bike (paint = ground magnet) it will cause the bike to fall over too easily. An Eddie Lawson Replica? Big engine, wet noodle thanks. Of course most big bikes back then didnt handle very well compared to current stuff. Good idea to build a Duc with a good frame.

Good one. Hopefully you can keep the weight down so she's both strong and light. I had a 996 many years ago and it was fast but also a porker. Listed weight was supposed to be 190kg but I weighed it once on a scale and it was over 210kg. Never dropped it but came close a couple of times. Now I have a 1958 BMW R60S and a 1960 R50.

Looks like you have a great start on it there! Good luck.